Articles by Julia Alexandrova

Tax Discrimination Against Foreign Investors in Russia

  • 31 January 12
  • Pepeliaev Group

Alongside actively developing cross-border economic, trade and customs law and adjusting to European standards and the WTO principles, Russia is seeing the adoption of rulings actually hampering foreign capital flow into the country. In January 2012, Russia's Supreme Arbitration Court (SAC) published a ruling prohibiting taxpayers with foreign capital from deducting interest they pay on loans "with a foreign element." Apart from the prospect of reducing foreign investments, this ruling may already entail considerable taxes being additionally assessed on Russian borrowers when tax audits are held.

Spending on Post-Marketing Observational Study

  • 13 September 11
  • Pepeliaev Group
In an expanding pharmaceutical market, situations often arise when, to most efficiently sell a medicine that has been newly released into general circulation, the broadest possible data are needed concerning its properties, how effectively it acts on patients and the possible side effects.