Articles by Max de Haldevang

Q&A: Initiative Brings Khamatova Joy and Frustration

The Soviet maxim "initiative is punishable" is only half true for actress Chulpan Khamatova.

Airline in Hot Water for Refusing to Let Disabled Girl Fly

The Maritime Transportation Prosecutor's office is investigating a case in which Vladivostok Air refused to allow a disabled teen to board a plane over confusion about whether her condition permitted her to fly, news reports said Thursday.

Airports to Ease Shoe, Belt and Liquid Rules

Many travelers flying out of major Russian airports will soon no longer be required to remove their belts and shoes at security, and plans are afoot to relax the rules on carrying liquids on board.

From Zelenograd to Northampton Via Dublin

Vasily Artemyev is not like the average Russian sportsman; he speaks with a soft Dublin accent, has a law degree and plays rugby for one of the best clubs in Europe Ч Northampton Saints.

Vekselberg Wary of Domodedovo Bidding Process

Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg said Friday that his company Renova Group is still interested in buying Domodedovo airport, but experts believe that he has given up on it due to an inflated asking price.

Sverdlovsk and Its Governor Working to Diversify

The Sverdlovsk region has everything investors need as it accelerates diversification.

Berezovsky Proposes Britain's Prince Harry Be Made Russian Monarch

London exile Boris Berezovsky announced Sunday that under his new Resurrection Movement political party, he would instate a constitutional monarchy in Russia and named Britain's Prince Harry as a candidate for king.

Harsh Drug Law Leaves Vets in a Bind

After eight years of fighting a strict law that virtually bans an anesthetic essential for their work, Russia's veterinarians say they have nearly reached the end of their tether.

Deputy Foreign Minister Says Russia Disagrees With G8 on Gay Rights

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia disagrees with the notion of sexual minorities' having separate rights, since there are not different laws for people of different sexual orientations in international law.

Volgograd Deputies Defend Easter Weekend Italy Trip

Volgograd regional deputies have insisted that their 46-person trip to Italy over the weekend on a chartered jet was a business trip and that they paid their own way.

Battle Over Minsk-Moscow Air Route Escalates

Belarusian national airline Belavia has threatened to stop Aeroflot's flights between Moscow and Minsk, after the Russian Transport Ministry said it intended to ban Belavia from flying to Russia's regions.

Notebook Sparks Fury Over StalinТs Legacy

It has been nearly 60 years since Stalin's death, but interpreting his deeply complex legacy remains anything but academic.

Firefighters Battle Towering Inferno in Moskva-City

The towering inferno that tore through the 67th floor of the under-construction Vostok tower in Moskva-City may have costs millions of dollars in damages

Following Stymied 'White Square' Event, Opposition Plans 'White Metro'

The loosely organized For Fair Elections opposition group announced plans to hold an event called "White Metro," after their unsuccessful attempt Sunday to fill Red Square with white-clad demonstrators in an event called "White Square" was halted by the closure of the square and 85 arrests.

Parents Charged in Bryansk Missing Child Tragedy

The father of a toddler in Bryansk has admitted to killing the child and staging her abduction.

Ekho Moskvy Journalist Calls Board Shakeup Political

Four members of opposition radio station Ekho Moskvy's board of directors officially resigned their positions Thursday, in what is seen as a political ousting that may influence the station's editorial views.

Medvedev Signs Orders on Caucasus Tourism

President Dmitry Medvedev signed orders Wednesday that aim to speed up the development process for tourist resorts in the North Caucasus.

Sources Say McDonald's Russia Will Now Franchise

McDonald's is looking for Russian business partners for the first time in its 20-year presence in the country, as it hopes to expand into Siberia.

UN Official Slams Russia on Magnitsky Case

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture published a report Tuesday condemning the Russian government over the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Culinary Institute Head Hit With Extortion Charge

The son of a former deputy interior minister has been accused by his fatherТs ex-employer of extorting 7 million rubles ($238,000) in his role as rector of a Moscow culinary institute.

Leftist Leaders Announce Effort to Join Forces

Two high-profile opposition State Duma deputies from A Just Russia joined forces Thursday with a prominent member of the Public Chamber to announce plans to create a Social Democratic Union to bring together RussiaТs left-wing forces.

Panicked Passengers Flee Plane With Missing Wing Part

Passengers on a Transaero flight on Tuesday were told they were not allowed to leave a plane whose wing was missing a piece of equipment.

Banana Thrown at Second Anzhi Player

Anzhi soccer club player Chris Samba reportedly had a banana thrown at him by a Lokomotiv Moscow fan during a match Sunday, marking the second time an Anzhi player has been the target of hurled fruit in the past year.


In trying to reach and conquer the Baltic Sea, Tsar Peter the Great declared war on the Swedish Empire in 1700. Three years into a conflict that would last more than two decades, Peter sanctioned the building of a new town on the shores of Lake Onega to be used as an iron foundry for much-needed weaponry for his northern fleets.

Just Russia Leaders Spar Over Rally Role

A public spat took place Wednesday between senior members of A Just Russia, with Gennady Gudkov calling party leader Sergei Mironov a liar over comments he made about GudkovТs participation in recent opposition rallies.

League's Vote Count Challenges Margin

The League of Voters announced Wednesday that it does not acknowledge the results of the March 4 presidential election, saying the number of people voting in "special circumstances" had inexplicably increased by 3 million compared with December's State Duma vote.

Prokhorov Touts 'Victory' at Glitzy Reception

At a post-election reception that resembled a cocktail party more than a victory gala, Mikhail Prokhorov complained of election violations but said he would consider his campaign a success regardless of the final tally.

Americans Booted in Visa Snafu

The head of the Russian Evangelical Church is calling for a reversal of the fines imposed on eight Americans doing charity work on tourist visas in Ivanovo.

Putin Wants Answers in Deadly Blast

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin demanded Tuesday that a thorough investigation be conducted into the gas explosion that leveled an Astrakhan apartment block the day before, as the death toll rose to nine with 18 more injured and another 13 still missing.

Red Ribbon Ball Fetes 10 Years, Sees Work Ahead

The AIDS Foundation East-West, an Eastern Europe and Central Asia-focused charity working to reduce the impact of HIV on the region, hosted a black tie event last Saturday to promote the foundation's cause and celebrate its 10th anniversary.