Articles by Naomi Wolf

JFK's Troubles With Women

JFK's had a mixed record on women. While he was praised for addressing the issue of workplace bias against women, his numerous extramarital affairs tarnished his image.

When the U.S. Transforms Journalists Into Spies

The recent guilty plea by Donald Sachtleben, a former FBI bomb technician charged with leaking classified information, after government investigators identified him by secretly obtaining the phone logs of some Associated Press reporters, represents the latest chapter in the ongoing drama over U.S. security officials' behavior.

A Look at Sexism Through the Lookism Glass

Do women suffer from a double standard in the workplace in relation to how they look?

How the U.S. Military Has Created a Rape Culture

Around the world, people's understanding of why rape happens usually takes one of two forms.

After the Boston Tragedy, Americans Are Wiser

When America absorbed the bombings at the Boston Marathon, what was striking was what did not happen.

America's Ruling 1% Creates Inequality for All

The "trickle down" story that the U.S. middle class hears every election is simply not true.

The Porn Myth

It is hard to ignore how many highly visible men in recent years (indeed, months) have behaved in sexually self-destructive ways. Some powerful men have long been sexually voracious. Unlike today, though, they were far more discreet and generally used much better judgment in order to cover their tracks.