Articles by Konstantin Goriainov

B2B: Tips for Holding a Successful Event in a Hotel

  • 13 May 13
  • Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel
Moscow is 80% business destination, and the majority of international corporations is already based in or investigating the Russian market.

Strategy for Talent in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality business very much depends on human resources. The average labor turnover for the global hospitality industry is around 30-35 percent. Meanwhile, this rate represents nearly twice the average for all other industries. High employee turnover negatively impacts the industry in the light of hotel company's competitiveness and brand consistency. High employee engagement always affects the level of guests' satisfaction and customer retention, as well as recruitment and training budgets of the hotel. Even the quantity of uniforms that a hotel has to buy depends on this issue. The lower the labor turnover index is, the higher the guest satisfaction index. Employees with longer professional experience and a higher degree of brand loyalty are more likely to possess competence that enables long-term brand consistency.

Hospitality Industry Trends

  • 29 May 12
  • Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya and Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky

The hospitality industry, traditionally more focused on the physical product, is waking up to a consumer who is demanding consistent delivery of the brand promise and, in the upscale to luxury segments, will define a successful brand as much as the finer points of the product design.

The ABC of Sales in the Hospitality Business

  • 14 June 11
  • Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya and Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky

Have you ever heard of the three p's (3Ps) rule? If yes, then you are a sales person. In each industry — and hospitality is no exception — "people," "product" and "price" are the keystones of business philosophy.