Articles by Yelena Belashova

Does Sleep Experience Influence a Traveler's Choice?

If you ask what makes a perfect stay experience at a hotel you might want to visit, there appear to be several answers that are more or less dependent on a person's preferences. But there are also some that would be the same for anyone you ask. Clean and tidy room? Definitely. Delicious meals? Sure. Great value for money? Of course, you would want to get the best quality for the sum you paid. Great sleep experience? Yes, and this issue has lately started to come on top of many other things for more and more travelers.

Hotel Social Media Marketing. Unlocking Your Online Potential

  • 29 May 12
  • Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre

The present is getting more and more influenced by virtual reality. It could now be almost impossible to find a person who knows nothing about the virtual world. Sharing all kinds of information, starting from personal thoughts and ending with present location, has become the trend captivating people's minds and lifestyle with the help of different means of Internet connection. Another boom is the mobile devices that can be used anytime, anywhere. So probably there is no easier way to immediately share information about the company, its products and services, special offers, news, photos and other entertaining data than online. And precisely speaking: various social media.

Client Loyalty Is One of the Main Modern Business Drivers

  • 07 December 11
  • Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre
The main idea of bonus and loyalty programs could not always be seen on the very top. Keeping a client loyal is always an aim, though keeping him happy is a much more delicate and tough objective to achieve. A client should feel cared about, and such programs are a strong means to help hoteliers do their outmost.

A New Concept in Accommodation: Club Style

  • 14 June 11
  • Crowne Plaza

Club style of accommodation is a new trendy concept of top corporate companies, featured by contemporary conference facilities for business events.