Articles by Olga Kuzmina

Young Artists See Art as Organic, Evolving

The stamp of approval for "true art" is granted to pieces that have passed the test of time. But what do we make of art that was purposefully made to be impermanent Ч art that mirrors life by, like all organic matter, evolving, withering and eventually reaching its end?

Beatles, Clapton Pics in Free Show

Many women would swoon at the idea of taking photographs with the guitar-god likes of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, but for '60s it-girl Pattie Boyd, this was real life Ч she's been married to both of them.  

Children's Center Inspires Star Photojournalist

Award-winning photojournalist Andreea Anca has documented the plights of people all over Europe, from anti-Milosevic demonstrators in Serbia to Roma women in the Czech Republic, but it was a Moscow clinic that most recently challenged her.

New York, So Good They Took Photos

As one of the most photographed locations in the world, New York City has acquired a mythical status that, at times, almost overshadows the real metropolis. Now a new exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art challenges the public's imaginary construction of "the Big Apple" with photographs that are as surprising as they are deeply subjective.

'Holy Russia' on Show at Tretyakov

President Dmitry Medvedev hailed it as "a brilliant milestone in Russia's cultural life." The New York Times called it "the most remarkable show of art from Russia ever staged anywhere."  Now, one year after its highly publicized premiere at the Louvre, "Holy Russia" Ч featuring some 450 relics of the medieval Orthodox Rus Ч finally opens its doors at home.

Capturing Bullfight Festival on Camera

Ernest Hemingway famously observed that bullfighting is "the only art in which the artist is in danger of death." Anyone who doesn't believe him can visit the GMG Gallery's "Days of San Isidro," the latest exhibition from Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist James Hill, who traveled to Madrid and captured the annual festival of the Spanish bullfight in photographs.

French Film Festival Tours Round Russia

Juliette Binoche won't be there in person Ч although she sent her regrets Ч but she will be on screen with a dozen more film stars as the French Film Week begins Sunday at Pioner Cinema before it goes on tour passing through a total of 17 Russian cities.

Austrian Art on Show at Shchusev Museum

A day after visiting the Kremlin, Austrian President Heinz Fischer made an appearance at another event of mutual cooperation, the opening of the joint exhibition "Austria Davaj! Creative Forces of Austria," which brings to Moscow the work of 17 leading artists in Russia's largest-ever presentation of contemporary Austrian art.