Articles by Irina Kurganova

Employment: Talent Life Cycle

  • 15 July 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Today's generation of job seekers is more mobile than ever before. How do you stand out from the pack to attract the very best?

Employment: Creating Business-Driven Solutions to the Youth Employment Challenge

  • 05 March 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Companies need to "lean forward," take a calculated risk, open their doors to young job candidates and develop and train them.

B2B: Unhappy Employees

  • 21 October 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Increasingly, employees are taking more control over how, when and where to work. Survey after survey shows that people are not staying with their employers because of job satisfaction, but rather because alternative opportunities are lacking. Like workplace stress, it may affect everything in the workplace, including engagement, productivity and even recruitment and retention.

Employment: Diversity Management — A Competitive Advantage

  • 17 July 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Talent has long been a critical differentiator for organizations, fueling a race for the best and brightest individuals that has been raging for nearly half a century.

How Markets Have Been Redefined and Re-Segmented

  • 08 May 13
  • ManpowerGroup
Today's intertwining macro-economic forces have blurred the lines of economic bifurcation. As economic power shifts between labor markets, new divisions and cracks are surfacing.

Six Steps to Building a Successful Virtual Workforce

  • 05 February 13
  • ManpowerGroup
The workplace is going virtual. In ManpowerGroup's latest poll, while less than a quarter of employers are not conducting work virtually, over 40% will be doing more and more of it soon.

Future Changes in the World of Work

  • 06 April 12
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Over the next decade, changes in the way companies operate will not be revolutionary or disruptive; they will be an extension of the evolution already visible at many firms today. And it is mostly about workers and a new model of cooperation between an employer and an employee.

Women and the Talent Crunch

  • 04 April 12
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Women have made dramatic strides in the work force across the globe, but as study after study has documented, they still lag behind men significantly.

The Future of the World of Work

  • 05 October 11
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS

Over the past decade, executives have witnessed a significant transformation in their companies.

'Manufacturing' Talent for the Human Age

  • 29 June 11
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS

As the global economy continues to improve, the talent shortage will become more pronounced and businesses that dramatically reduced their work force during the recession will be competing for talent in a complex environment. Faced with the most acute talent shortage since 2007 — before the start of the world's first global recession — one in three employers worldwide confirm that they cannot find the talent they need to fill key vacancies within their organization.

Harnessing the Potential of the Contingent Work Force

  • 20 April 11
  • Manpower Russia & CIS
The last economic crisis changed the employment landscape forever. Employers have learned hard lessons about the need to transform their talent-acquisition strategies in the face of growing global competition. Now, as the business environment begins to improve, employers must be poised to respond quickly to a rapidly changing marketplace and growing disconnect between where labor is needed and where it is available.