Articles by Allison Quinn

Experts See Dark Plot in Spate of Mystery Bombings in Ukraine

As the latest blast in a recent string of mysterious bombings in eastern Ukraine claimed another victim Wednesday, experts warned that there would be more to come.

News Execs Plead With Putin to Stall Foreign Media Law

The heads of foreign-owned publishing houses in Russia have appealed to President Vladimir Putin to defer a recently passed law set to impose major restrictions on foreign media ownership in the country.

Two Suspected Snipers Nabbed Over Maidan Protest Killings

Ukrainian prosecutors said Tuesday that two law enforcement officers have been detained on suspicion of having gunned down protesters in Kiev during last year's violent Maidan protests.

U.S. Leaker Edward Snowden Says He Is Not a Russian Spy

U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden has denied allegations that his life in Russia is controlled by the security services, saying he continues to remain unscathed only because of his public profile.

Moscow's Anti-Maidan March: Creating a Bogeyman to Fight a Bogeyman

As tens of thousands gathered in central Moscow on Saturday for the "Anti-Maidan" rally, the Russian public was asked to swallow an unsavory pill.

Rebels, Kiev Offer Starkly Different Debaltseve Death Tolls

  • 19 February 15
  • Reuters
As east Ukrainian rebel forces announced that the death toll of their recent capture of key railway hub Debaltseve measured in the thousands, official Kiev offered starkly different casualty numbers.

Experts Say Conflict in North Caucasus Waning Ч But Far From Over

Though the security situation has improved in Russia's turbulent North Caucasus, which for years has been plagued by almost daily battles between police and Islamic insurgents, the reduced number of fatalities seen in 2014 may just be the calm before the storm, analysts said Tuesday.

Russian Kindergarten Staff Write Open Letter to Putin Over Rising Prices

Employees of a kindergarten in the republic of Karelia have written an open letter to President Vladimir Putin after being threatened with termination for complaining of low wages, a regional lawmaker said Monday.

Sochi Resident Suspected of Treason Denied Family Visits for Past Year

A Sochi man accused of treason has reportedly been denied the right to see his family for the past year owing to his refusal to confess to the crime, and his daughter fears she will never see him again.

Image of Gay Russian Couple Wins World Press Photo

A photograph of a gay male couple in St. Petersburg has been selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2014.

Russia's Sudden Spate of Treason Cases Are Scare Tactic, Analysts Say

As the gulf between Russia and the West continues to deepen over the Ukraine crisis, the list of Russians being charged with treason has suddenly and visibly begun to expand.

Russian Officials Slam Anti-Corruption Drive as Attempt to Overthrow Government

An initiative by anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny to battle graft among government officials prompted strong objections from officials themselves Monday, with warnings that the drive would mean a return to Stalinist repressions and lead to foreign governments orchestrating color revolutions in Russia.

Alleged FSB Agent Working in Orthodox Church Arrested for High Treason

A Moscow court on Monday sanctioned the arrest of an alleged Federal Security Service agent who stands accused of having passed on secrets to American spies while working for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin Submits Bill Creating Easy Way Out for 'Foreign Agents'

A bill submitted by President Vladimir Putin to the State Duma on Thursday may offer nongovernmental organizations that have been deemed "foreign agents" the chance to clear their names.

Russian Mom Facing Treason Charges Granted Conditional Release

A mother of seven whose detention on suspicion of high treason last month triggered a major outcry has been released from Moscow’s Lefortovo detention facility.

Ex-Prime Minister Kasyanov Sues Russia's NTV Channel for Defamation

Mikhail Kasyanov, who served as prime minister during Vladimir Putin's first presidential term, has filed a defamation suit against state-run television channel NTV for a report saying he'd intentionally harmed Russia's economy while serving as finance minister.

Putin Gets Involved in Case Against Mother Who 'Outed' Russian Troops

President Putin will personally consider a petition advocating for the pre-trial release of Svetlana Davydova, a mother accused of treason for informing Ukrainian diplomats of suspected Russian troop movements.

Kadyrov Says CIA is Recruiting Russians for Islamic State

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has accused the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies of using fake social media accounts to draw young Russian men into the Islamic State and other terrorist networks.

Russian Mom Accused of High Treason Dumps Court-Appointed Lawyer

A mother of seven facing high treason charges for making a phone call to the Ukrainian Embassy replaced her court-appointed defense attorney after he voiced support for the investigators' version of events.

Russian Mom Faces Treason Charges for Call to Ukrainian Embassy

A Smolensk woman faces charges of high treason after she phoned Ukrainian diplomats to warn them that Russian troops may be en route to their country, newspaper Kommersant reported Thursday.

Syrian Refugees in Russia Stuck in Dangerous Waiting Game

As members of the government and opposition of Syria met on Thursday, a dozen Syrian children sat around tables reciting the Arabic alphabet and learning to find their devastated homeland on a map.

Last Free Member Russian Neo-Nazi Group 'Volkssturm' Gets 10 Years

The last free member of violent Yekaterinburg-based neo-Nazi group "Volkssturm" has been hit with a 10-year prison sentence for at least 11 attacks, including two murders, on ethnic minorities.

Chechens Flee Russia in Increasing Numbers, Rights Group Says

A growing number of Chechens are seeking asylum in Europe over fears of persecution and lawlessness at home, a prominent human rights activist with the Memorial organization said Thursday.

Russian Authorities to Create Blacklist of Corrupt Officials

The Russian government has called for the creation of a special registry of officials who have been dismissed from their positions on the basis of a "loss of trust" due to corrupt activities, Kommersant reported Thursday.

Court Extends House Arrest Over Pro-Ukrainian Stunt on Moscow Skyscraper

A Moscow court held that a group of suspects facing prison time for a high-visibility pro-Ukraine protest in the Russian capital will remain under house arrest for at least another two months, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

Suspected Russian Killer Detained in Austria

One of Russia's most wanted criminals, a reputed mobster believed to have been responsible for more than 40 murders, has been detained in Austria and will be extradited back to Russia.

Committee Against Torture Vows to Defy 'Foreign Agent' Label

A regional branch of a Russian human rights organization striving to expose police brutality and torture is the latest advocacy group to have been classified by the Justice Ministry as a Уforeign agent.Ф

'Russian Spy' Executed in Islamic State Video Was Perfume Salesman

A video released by Islamic State reportedly showing two alleged Russian spies being executed has been deemed a fake by experts, after one of the men was revealed as a street cleaner, a news report said Thursday.

Authorities Begin Relocation of Kazakh Villagers Hit With Mystery 'Sleep Illness'

Kazakh authorities have begun relocating the residents of a small village that has been plagued for nearly two years by the spread of a mysterious illness marked by random bouts of days-long slumber.

Islamic State Claims Child Soldier Executed 'Russian Spies'

Russian diplomats in Damascus are looking into the Islamic State's claims that it executed two Russian spies attempting to infiltrate the terrorist organization in Syria.