Articles by Dominique Tissot

B2B: Energy Performance Contracts & Energy Service Companies

  • 15 April 13
  • CMS, Russia
Most experts agree that a significant increase in tariffs is an unavoidable step to ensure long-term energy sustainability and security.

What Are the Prospects for the Energy Services Market in Russia?

  • 17 April 12
  • CMS, Russia

Despite the wealth of opportunities and high potential of energy savings and energy efficiency in Russia — as well as the entry into force in 2009 of Law 261-FZ, which established the framework for energy-efficiency reform — not many projects have been completed thus far. So, what is the reasoning behind this?

What Is the Future for Energy Efficiency in Russia? Between Myth and Reality

  • 12 April 11
  • CMS, Russia

Sustainable energy supply is one of the key challenges of the forthcoming decades in most countries around the world, and particularly in Russia. Fortunately, Russian authorities and companies have understood that the application of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy programs can allow them to save cash and reduce the impact on the environment.