Articles by Vladimir Tchikine

Legal Highlights: Go Local, Phase Out Imports: New Business Opportunities Against the Backdrop of Sanctions

  • 14 July 15
  • Goltsblat BLP
The weakening of the Russian economy under the impact of the sanctions imposed by the West and against the backdrop of falling global energy prices is having an adverse effect on foreign trade, which has contracted significantly over the last year.

Plenty of WTO Snags 8 Months On

It has been eight months since Russia gained membership into the World Trade Organization, yet it has not been a smooth transition. The move has drawn strong resentment from some sectors of the Russian economy who feel that the government has betrayed them and failed to protect domestic interests.

Customs Valuation of Related-Party Transactions and Transfer Pricing in Russia

  • 06 March 12
  • Goltsblat BLP
For customs value purposes, it is not always possible to use the price of a transaction with imported goods in cases when a foreign seller and Russian buyer are related parties, whereas, on the other hand, the possibility for such a buyer to write off its expenses associated with acquiring the goods as production costs also often gives rise to questions.

Classification Difficulties, or Some Advice on Setting TN VED CU Codes for Imports

  • 15 February 12
  • Goltsblat BLP

The customs classification of goods under the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade of the Customs Union (TN VED CU) has never been easy, and it is always of interest above all for logistics and customs clearance specialists.

The Legal Framework of Russia and the WTO

  • 14 December 11
  • Goltsblat BLP
It is extremely difficult to say anything definitive at this stage about the legal consequences for Russia of joining the WTO, yet, analyzing the legal framework of Russia and the WTO, the following might be assumed. All WTO member countries assume the obligation to fulfil the main treaties and legal documents of the organization.

New Multicomponent Equipment Import Rules

  • 18 May 11
  • Goltsblat BLP
Many companies engaged in importing production equipment in circumstances where it cannot, for logistical reasons, be delivered as a single consignment and needs to be imported over an extended period in a series of deliveries.

New Industrial Assembly Rules for Foreign Car Brands Produced in Russia

  • 29 March 11
  • Goltsblat BLP
Since 2005, foreign manufacturers have operated in Russia's auto industry on specific conditions and have been subject to certain privileges. But, about three years ago, the Industry and Trade Ministry decided to modify these and, in late 2010, got the Economic Development Ministry to approve the basics for new industrial assembly rules for car manufacturers.