Articles by Asida Agrba

B2B: Foreign Labor Migration: Current Review

  • 10 June 13
  • CMS, Russia
The existing mechanism regulating labor migration in Russia indicates that the migration policy tends toward a liberal approach.

Latest Developments in Russian Migration Policy

  • 12 February 13
  • CMS, Russia
Migration will play a fateful role in the country's development, economic growth, social stability, and, ultimately, in its integrity.

Hiring Foreigners for Secondary Jobs

  • 04 September 12
  • CMS, Russia
Under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a secondary job means being hired for other regularly paid work under a separate employment agreement for a period of time, free from one's primary job. Secondary employment agreements may be entered into with an unlimited number of employers. An employee may have a secondary job both at his/her primary place of employment and at any other organization.

The Influx of Foreign Labor to Russia: Legal and Tax Aspects

  • 09 June 12
  • CMS, Russia
Recently, an increasing number of foreign specialists have been coming to Russia to earn a living. This is mainly because of the difficult financial situation in Europe and the relatively stable labor resources in Russia today, where unemployment has not reached the extreme levels of Spain or Greece, and there have not been mass layoffs.

The Specifics of Concluding Labor Agreements With Foreign Employees

  • 21 February 12
  • CMS in Russia
Labor migration in Russia has been developing particularly actively recently. According to data by the Federal Migration Service, 7 million foreign citizens entered Russia in the first half of 2011, which is a 10 percent increase year on year.

Quota System for Hiring Foreign Labor in Russia

  • 31 August 11
  • CMS, Russia
Russian migration authorities require that companies apply to employment centers annually and in advance for the rights to employ foreigners. According to the current regulations, companies reserve quotas for foreign employees by filing applications for their work permit quota for the next year by the May 1 of the current year.

French Foreign Employees

  • 21 June 11
  • CMS, Russia
On March 1, 2011, the Agreement on Temporary Employment of the citizens of one country on the territory of the other, signed between Russia and France, came into force.

Trends in Legal Migration Policy in the Russian Federation

  • 22 February 11
  • CMS Russia
The main trend today in Russian migration legislation is the adaptation of the legal framework to include international standards relating to immigration, with the aim of easing the migration process in Russia.