Articles by Bruce Misamore

First Yukos, Now Crimea

In the month following the start of the Crimean crisis, we have seen President Vladimir Putin expand the skills he first honed with the seizure of Yukos.

Silencing the Truth About Yukos Affair

The Prosecutor General's Office has once again found a way of using Yukos as an excuse to cook up allegations against someone who has no links to the former company.

No Financial Center Without Rule of Law

The plans to make the Moscow stock market into a major international exchange and Moscow into a major international financial center are, unfortunately, one big pipe dream as long as the regime of President Vladimir Putin continues to trample over private property rights.

Why the Exxon Deal Stinks

What an extraordinary week. Argentina announced plans to seize control of the country's biggest oil company YPF, owned by Spain's Repsol, and the Kremlin, via state-controlled Rosneft, unveiled details of its joint projects with ExxonMobil.