Articles by Howard Amos

Howard Amos joined The Moscow Times' business desk as a reporter in November 2010 and writes on a variety of topics, including macroeconomics, finance and banking, and energy. He lived in Russia for a year before joining the paper. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @howardamos.

The True Tale of Russia's German Dairy King

"It was Putin who wanted to meet me," says Stefan Durr, the German-born Russian farmer whose company EkoNiva became the largest producer of milk in Russia last year.

Evacuated Egypt Baggage Piles Up in Russian Airport

The baggage of Russian tourists evacuated from Egypt is piling up in the public spaces of Moscow's Domodedovo Airport as it awaits collection, according to Russian media reports.

New Museum Stakes Claim to Russia's Gulag Legacy

Russia's largest museum devoted to the horrors of the Soviet gulag has opened, even as many Muscovites remain unwilling to talk about political repression.

Ukrainian 'Vikings' Go on Trial Accused of Fighting in Chechen War

Ukrainian history teacher Stanislav Klykh told his mother he could be released in a few days during a phone call after his arrest on a trip to Russia in August last year. Then he disappeared.

Russia to Exhume Alexander III as Romanov Probe Widens

Russian investigators said Monday that they will exhume the remains of Russian Tsar Alexander III to confirm the identity of two of his grandchildren, who were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

Russia Says Fewer Air Strikes in Syria

Disarray among the Islamic State terrorist organization has prompted a decrease in the number of sorties being flown by Russian jets in Syria, the Defense Ministry said Thursday.

Russia's 'War' Mentality Boosts Treason Case Count

The number of convictions for treason in Russia tripled in 2014 and experts say the figure looks set to rise again this year as Russia's intelligence services focus their attention on uncovering yet more spies.

Lukashenko Victory Set to Stoke EU Rapprochement, Moscow Unease

Autocratic Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko looked set to win a fifth term as president Sunday in a largely uncontested and protest-free election.

Russia-Turkey Ties Fray Over Syria

Growing Turkish anger over Russia's weeklong bombing campaign in Syria appeared Wednesday to be driving a wedge between the two Black Sea neighbors, who enjoy a close economic relationship.

Ex-U.K. Ambassador a Lonely Friend of Russia

As the United Kingdom's ambassador to Russia from 2004 to 2008, Anthony Brenton was one of the first Western diplomats to be systematically hounded by pro-Kremlin youth groups.

Russia Pledges to Step Up Air Attacks in Syria

Defense officials in Moscow said over the weekend that Russia would broaden its air bombardment of Syria and claimed a five-day bombing campaign had already caused significant damage to Islamic State infrastructure and led to hundreds of militants abandoning their positions.

Russian Jets Pound Assad's Enemies in Syria

Russian air strikes in Syria continued for a second day Thursday as evidence grew that the Kremlin was targeting more moderate opposition groups fighting against President Bashar Assad, rather than just the Islamic State.

Putin's UN Speech Fails to Surprise

A much-anticipated speech by President Putin to the UN General Assembly on Monday saw the Russian leader criticize Western policy in the Middle East and Ukraine, but did not deliver any surprises.

Live Blog: Vladimir Putin Speaks at the UN General Assembly

With Russian President Vladimir Putin set to address the United Nations General Assembly on Monday evening, follow our live blog for minute-by-minute updates on the speech as it takes place.

Putin Seeks Center Stage at UN Gathering

When President Putin takes the podium at the UN General Assembly on Monday, he is expected to put Syria and the fight against the Islamic State at the heart of his speech Ч and be looking to turn heads.

Middle East Leaders Line Up for Putin

Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Wednesday became the third Middle Eastern leader in as many days to hold talks with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Russian Radio Engineer Sentenced to 14 Years for Treason

A Moscow court sentenced Gennady Kravtsov, a former employee of RussiaТs military intelligence services, to 14 years in prison Monday for sending a job application letter to a Swedish defense company in 2010.

Russian Radio Engineer Faces 15 Years for Applying for Job Abroad

In 2010, Gennady Kravtsov wrote a job application letter, translated it using an online program, and sent it to a Swedish defense firm.

Russia Apathetic Over Corbyn Labour Victory

The election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead Britain's Labour Party over the weekend barely caused a stir in Russia Ч despite mainstream media in Britain and political rivals of the opposition party leader dubbing him a friend of Moscow and apologist for President Vladimir Putin.

Russia's Biggest Banking Crashes of the Last 2 Years

The license of mid-sized Russian lender Admiralteisky Bank was revoked by the Central Bank on Friday, a day after security service raids and scenes of chaos outside one of its branches in Moscow.

Ukrainian Flag Stunt Climber Sentenced to 2 Years in Russia

A Moscow court sentenced 20-year-old Russian climber Vladimir Podrezov to two years and three months in jail Thursday for Уassisting vandalismФ by taking part in an escapade last year when the spire of a landmark Moscow skyscraper was painted with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, the RAPSI legal news agency reported.

Apple to Store Users' Personal Data in Russia Ц Report

U.S. tech giant Apple will store the personal data of its Russian users at a data center inside Russia to comply with a new law, the Kommersant newspaper reported Thursday, citing unidentified sources.

Putin Dubs European Migrant Crisis 'Predictable'

President Vladimir Putin said the influx of migrants into Europe is the result of U.S. policy and maintained nothing unusual was happening to the Russian economy as he visited an economic forum in Vladivostok.

Pamela Anderson Main Attraction at Russia's Far East Forum

The first day of a new economic forum in Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok designed to showcase the region was dominated Thursday by Hollywood celebrity Pamela Anderson.

Putin Flies to China Amid Economic Gloom

President Vladimir Putin will be one of the most noteworthy guests at Chinese celebrations to mark the end of World War II when he arrives in Beijing on Wednesday.

British Man Arrested on Drug Charges in Samara

A British man in the Volga river city of Samara, who worked at one of the city's universities, has been arrested on drug charges while awaiting deportation for a previous drug possession conviction, Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.

Russian Court Sentences Ukrainian Director Sentsov to 20 Years

A Russian military court sentenced Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in a high-security prison on Tuesday after finding him guilty of masterminding a terrorist campaign.

Sentsov Case Highlights Plight of Ukrainian Prisoners in Russian Jails

Oleg Sentsov is expected to be sentenced to a long prison term Tuesday after a high-profile trial — but the case has focused attention on an entire group of Ukrainians languishing in Russian prisons.

Prosecutors Seek 23 Years for Ukrainian Director as Trial Wraps Up

Russian prosecutors requested a 23-year prison sentence Wednesday for Ukrainian activist and film director Oleg Sentsov, who is accused of carrying out terrorist attacks in the Crimea region annexed by Russia last year.

Chechen Film Studio Unveils First Major Production

The first large-scale film produced by ChechenFilm went on general release Monday as Chechnya's strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov looks to boost the region's standing within Russia and abroad.