Articles by Anna Grishchenkova

Will the Fate of Russia's Arbitration Courts Be Decided in 2012?

  • 08 November 11
  • FBK-Legal

In the last few years, arbitration clauses have been used very frequently to regulate disputes under various contracts, including before both Russian and foreign arbitration courts, for example in London and Stockholm.

Pharmaceutical Industry Trends

  • 13 September 11
  • FBK-Legal
The pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest-growing markets throughout the world, including Russia, and it will emerge further. The pharmaceutical industry in Russia currently faces a lot of challenges Ч price regulation, a complicated system of registration and renewal for drugs, the government acquisitions system and attention from antitrust agencies, to name a few.

M&A After the Crisis

  • 28 September 10
  • FBK-Legal
MurphyТs law states that УAnything that can go wrong, will go wrong.Ф This implies that if everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. We hope that this rule does not apply to the current slow recovery from the crisis.