Articles by John Lough

How Russia Helped NATO Rediscover Itself (Op-Ed)

The Kremlin will be struggling to reconcile conflicting messages from the West. Deepening divisions in the European Union that came to a dramatic head with the Brexit vote have not found their way into NATO.

Gazprom Is Facing a Perfect Storm (Op-Ed)

A perfect storm has struck Gazprom: falling gas prices, increasing competition and a transformation in the way gas is sold internationally have coincided with fallout from Russia's damaged political relations with Europe.

West Has Changed Its Thinking on Russia (Op-Ed)

The last 15 months have forced the West to change its thinking on Russia, writes columnist John Lough.

Putin's Mixed Messages Show Loss of Control

President Vladimir Putin's messages to his domestic and foreign audiences are escalating tensions with Western countries and forcing him to up the stakes for fear of appearing weak at home.

West Must Stick to Its Guns in Ukraine

As they struggle to stop the fighting in Ukraine, Western leaders must not lose sight of President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to reshape the international order.

Putin's Options Are Narrowing Down

What made President Vladimir Putin decide to annex Crimea continues to defy easy analysis. It is still unclear why exactly he chose to take this radical step, particularly when Moscow retained powerful levers of influence for keeping Ukraine weak and disorientated.

Honeymoon Is Over for Russia and Germany

Pressure for a re-evaluation of Germany's Russia policy has been growing since 2012.

Yevtushenkov Is a Warning to Russian Business

The early September arrest of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the majority owner of the industrial conglomerate Sistema and one of Russia's richest men, has inevitably invited comparisons with the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003.

Interfering in Ukraine Is Risky Business for Russia

Friday Sept. 5 marked the start of a new era of division in Europe. The NATO summit in Wales declared that for the first time since the end of the Cold War, Russia is at the center of the alliance's concerns about Europe's security.

Putin Needs an 'Off-Ramp' for Ukraine's Crisis

If ever an "off-ramp" were needed for Putin, it is now.

EU Plays Hardball With Russia on Gas Issue

The EU has kicked Russia's South Stream project into the long grass.

4 Problems Awaiting Putin in Ukraine Gambit

As the Ukrainian crisis intensifies, Western policymakers are still struggling to come to terms with the logic of Russia's actions in Ukraine.

The Kremlin Miscalculates Again in Ukraine

For the second time in a decade, Russia's policy toward Ukraine has disrupted the country's delicate balance, turning its contradictions into conflicts and creating a situation that runs counter to the Kremlin's goals and interests.

The EU Should Maximize Its Soft Power

Manipulated by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and outplayed by President Vladimir Putin, the European Union has emerged with a bloodied nose from Ukraine.

Russia's Public Relations Disaster in the North

The Russian authorities' handling of the attempted protest by Greenpeace at a Gazprom drilling rig in the Pechora Sea in mid-September once again reveals the reflexes that play into the hands of nongovernmental organization campaigners.

Rosneft Replaces Gazprom as Super-Champion

Putin likely concluded that Gazprom, which was once a symbol of Russian power, has become more of a liability.

Why Dvorkovich and Sechin's Turf War Is Public

Rival groups fighting for control of Russia's vast energy sector are caught in a standoff.

No More Teflon Putin

President-elect Vladimir Putin is returning to the Kremlin as a diminished figure. With nearly 64 percent of the vote in the March 4 election, he can still lay claim to significant residual support in Russian society.

Resetting the Great Game, Starting in Bishkek

The situation in Kyrgyzstan could challenge conventional thinking about U.S.-Russian interests in Central Asia. You even could argue that Russia may consider the U.S. presence a stabilizer in Kyrgyzstan and that the United States may welcome Russian leadership there.