Articles by Alexey Eremenko

Waging a Proxy War on Russian Journalism

Much has been said since 2014 about Russia's proxy war in Ukraine, where Russian troops and equipment are often reported and even sometimes captured, but with official Moscow staunchly denying involvement.

The Hidden Russia: The Quirkiest News of 2014

Military incursions, a plummeting ruble, homophobic violence and corruption: News from Russia makes life here seem like an endless stream of rights abuse and calamity. But it is not.

Red Cross: 'Winter Is Coming' to East Ukraine

"Winter is coming." The words of doom from the hit TV series "Game of Thrones" spell as much danger for war-torn eastern Ukraine as they do for the fictional land of Westeros, according to a senior official at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Facebook Censors Page in Support of Putin Critic Navalny

Facebook complied with an official request to ban a page in support of Russia's leading opposition activist, triggering a wave of censorship allegations.

The Duma's War on Monsters and Russia's Other Oddball Initiatives

Pro-Kremlin lawmaker Ilya Kostunov said in 2012 that even the stupidest among the State Duma's 450 lawmakers is smarter than the average voter. Alternative adjectives have been proposed Ч "more extravagant" among them Ч but everyone in Russia agrees: The lawmakers here do stand out.

Raising the Right Professionals: An Uphill Battle for Russia

For a split second in December, it looked like 77 percent of Russians would be forced out of their current jobs. This is the estimated percentage of people working in a field outside of the scope of their university studies.

Russian Social Media Reacts to Ruble Crisis With 'Arctic Fox Day'

A leading Russian economist likened the public reaction to the falling ruble to the "calm of someone facing suicide." But on the Internet, it looked more like the "Day of Dark Humor."

Who Will Be Thrown to the Lions Over the Ruble Mess?

As the ruble free-falls like a skydiver with a faulty pack two days ahead of President Vladimir Putin's annual press conference, it is clear that someone will have to pay.

Violence Against LGBTs Getting Worse in Russia, Study Says

Russia's controversial law against gay propaganda has become a "license to harm" for Russian homophobes, who have expanded to target closeted gays, a new study says.

Communists, Locals Defend Seafood-Guzzling Cat Over Midnight Feast in Store

Perhaps it is the effect of the economic crisis, but a cat that gorged itself on caviar and other seafood delicacies in a Russian fish store just may get away with it, as people across the nation united in his support.

Q&A: WWF, Greenpeace: A Tale of Two Environmental Giants

The heads of the WWF and Greenpeace in Russia talk to The Moscow Times about their aims, frustrations and contrasting approaches.

Life After Putin: Teaching Future Russia

The professional future is bright in Russia, according to an atlas of Russia's future job market recently published by Skolkovo's Moscow School of Management.

Culture Minister: No Money for 'Russia-Smearing' Films

The Russian government throws a lot of money at filmmakers Ч but it has nothing for those who smear the country with "sh-t," the culture minister said.

Russia's Most/Least Eco-Conscious Oil Companies Named in Study

The first environmental ranking of Russia's domestic oil and gas companies was rolled out Tuesday, and the top scorers say they were surprised by the outcome.

France Gives Russia 'Last Chance' to Negotiate With West Ц Experts

The weekend meeting between the French and Russian presidents has given France a chance to become "the new Germany" for Russia, which lost its last Western ally after a falling-out with official Berlin.

Q&A: How to Disappear in the Internet Age

Ever wanted to just vanish, to abandon everything and start your life from scratch? Well, there is a man who can make that happen Ч though he charges eight times the average annual salary in Russia.

Islamic State Suspected in Chechnya Terrorist Attack

A new breed of Caucasus extremists is behind the terrorist strike in the Chechen capital Grozny Ч and they just may be connected to the terrorist group Islamic State, Russian analysts said Thursday.

Russia Fails to Make Headway in Global Corruption Ranking

Russia slipped three places to rank a dismal 136th out of 175 countries in Transparency International's annual latest corruption survey, unveiled Wednesday.

Russia to Make Internet Providers Censor Content Ц Report

The Kremlin is pushing to have Russian Internet providers filter content before delivering it to users, a potentially very costly censoring procedure, a prominent news website said.

Homoerotic Calendar Has 'Orthodox Christian Priests' Posing Naked

In a provocative stunt to remind believers that homosexuality is not a deadly sin, a gay rights group has published a calendar featuring almost-naked "Orthodox Christian priests" in an alleged Moscow region church.

Sex Slavery Thrives in Russia Out of Public View

Zhenya, a young Russian woman, was lucky: A client took pity on her and took her away from the brothel.

Interpol Declares Hunt for Former 'Church Banker'

A once-prominent Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church has been put on Interpol's wanted list, according to the police organization's site.

Russian Senator Requests Probe, Sanity Check for Ultraconservative Lawmaker

A Russian senator has requested that a criminal investigation be carried out into a St. Petersburg lawmaker notorious for his militant religious zeal, bucking an otherwise conservative trend in the country's politics.

Russian NGO Golos Still Labeled 'Foreign Agent' Despite Court Ruling, Lawyer Says

Russia's leading independent vote monitor Golos remains on a restrictive list of "foreign agents" despite a Constitutional Court ruling to the contrary, a lawyer for the group has said.

Is Russia's Cyberwar Heating Up Amid New Cold War?

A recent influx of reports about Russian electronic espionage activity has prompted fresh concerns that the Kremlin may be gunning for a cyberwar with the West.

Q&A With Dean of Top Russian Business School

A Western business education is a new thing for Russia: A "Soviet MBA" is as much of an oxymoron as a "capitalist commissar."

Books, Milk and Radios: Russia Prepares Online Exports Expansion

The government's attempt to hike the customs duty for foreign goods that Russians buy online caused an uproar earlier this year.

Russia to Block Piracy Websites Permanently After One Copyright Violation

Starting next May, websites guilty of more than one copyright violation will be permanently blocked in the country.

Russia and Breakaway Georgian Region to Create Joint Military

  • 24 November 14
  • Reuters
Russia will form a joint army with Georgia's breakaway province of Abkhazia under a new cooperation pact that one expert said is part of the continuing fallout from the Ukraine crisis.

Russia's Hermitage Museum Gives Away Its Black Cats

Russia's most famous museum, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, on Friday gave away for one day only some of its most coveted exhibits: black cats.