Articles by Irina Borogan

The Kremlin Is All Ears

Several government agencies have been given expanded authority to conduct surveillance on Russians.

Police Stockpiling Drones to Spy on Protests

With the rise in protests, drones will be used more often for surveillance purposes against protests and perhaps even to spy on opposition leaders and activists.

Imitation Anti-Terror

Two top officials who were conspicuously absent from President Dmitry Medvedevs meeting with top security officials Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev and Federal Security Service director Alexander Bortnikov. They should have been grilled on whether everything possible had been done to prevent the attack.

The Countrys New Nobility

In December 2000, then-director of the Federal Security Service proudly described the FSBs rank and file: Our best colleagues, the honor and pride of the FSB, dont do their work for the money... They are, if you like, our new nobility. He hit the nail on the head.

Nostalgia for Soviet Spies

The recent spy flap is evidence of a serious crisis within Russias intelligence. The golden days of Russian espionage were during the era of Comintern, the international Communist organization. That was a while ago.

The FSB Dropped the Ball

The focus on the Kremlins war on terrorism is not to save lives but to make sure the state does not look weak.