Articles by Andrey Chulakhvarov

Employment: WhoТs Fighting the War for Talent?

  • 28 October 14
  • Coleman Services
Right after the central heating has kicked in, itТs almost unbearable to sit in a utilitarian office, doing figures or crafting presentations.

Employment: Healthier Market, More Disgruntled Employees

  • 19 March 14
  • Coleman Services
Fear may make people work, but doesnТt breed loyalty. DonТt rely on fear as the only motivation if you want to keep your best employees.

Employment: The Labor Market in 2014: Trends and Forecasts

  • 30 October 13
  • Coleman Services
Standard & Poor's suggests that the Russian economy may have reached the limit of its growth potential.

Employment: Job-Hoppers Disengaged: Something to Fear?

  • 18 June 13
  • Coleman Services
If employees want to leave, performance will slip, output and revenues will suffer. And it's best to let the disengaged ones leave.

Maturing Labor Market: Questions, Threats and Trends

  • 02 April 13
  • Coleman Services
Having a job is certainly not conducive to macroeconomic success. But who'd want to think about the effects of having no job?

Labor Market 2010: Is the End of the Crisis in Sight?

  • 24 March 10
  • Coleman Services
It is not yet time to speak of the crisis in the past tense, at least when it comes to the labor market.