Articles by Florian Schneider

B2B: Redistribution of Land Use and Town-Planning Powers Between Russian Authorities

  • 16 March 15
  • Dentons
Two federal laws now in effect, No. 136-FZ and No. 485-FZ (the "Federal Laws"), allow Russian regional state authorities to redistribute the powers of local authorities between local and federal regional authorities.

B2B: Migration Policy and Retailing

  • 12 November 13
  • Dentons
The last few years have seen consistent moves to limit the number of foreign nationals working in Russia's retail sector.

Adoption of the Moscow CAD PZZ by the End of 2012

  • 06 November 12
  • Salans
The Land Use and Development Rules (hereinafter referred to as "PZZ") for the Central Administrative District of Moscow, with the exception of the Moscow-City business district, are to be adopted by the end of 2012 (according to Moskomarkhitektury Chairman Mr. Antipov).

Main Civil Code Amendments Concerning Real Estate

  • 12 May 12
  • Salans

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation has not undergone major revisions for more than 15 years. In that time, there have been fundamental changes to the economy and laws governing commercial activities. The need for amendments and updates to "the second most important law after the Constitution" has become obvious. These amendments are intended to improve the economy and investment climate in Russia.

Liability for Violation of Trade Law

  • 01 March 11
  • Salans
Recent amendments to the Administrative Code have put teeth into the law regulating retail trade, particularly in the grocery sector, which is officially known as Federal Law No. 381-FZ On State Regulation of Trade Activities in the Russian Federation, dated Dec. 28, 2009 (the "Trade Law").

Restrictions on Chains and Suppliers: New Operating Rules

  • 23 March 10
  • Salans
On Feb. 1, 2010, Federal Law 381-FZ on the basis of state regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation (the УTrade LawФ) entered into force.