Articles by Xenia Prilepskaya

New York Musicians Come Out for Pussy Riot

Musicians of Russian-American descent played a concert in New York in support of the jailed Pussy Riot group calling for them to be released from jail.

Balabanov Takes New Look at 1990s in Film

Alexei Balabanovs latest film Kochegar, or Fireman, a tale that looks back to the chaotic 1990s, has, like many of his previous films such as Brat, sparked debate.

Beart and Films for All at Moscow Film Festival

The Moscow Film Festival is a chance to sample 27 different programs of films a variety so vast that even the fussiest of moviegoers can pick something. And French actress Emmanuelle Beart is expected for the premiere of her controversial film It Begins With the End.

'Blockade' Movie Wins Plaudits, Few Showings

Alexander Sokurov's latest film has people reading from a book, but not just any book. "Reading Book of Blockade" has children, soldiers, artists and actors reading true stories about the horrors of the 900-day Siege of Leningrad during World War II.

Rainy TV Channels Optimistic Ambition

The nascent television station Dozhd, or Rain, has attracted respected journalists and other veritable contributors. Its slogan is, Dont be afraid to switch on the TV set.

Mikhalkov, Burnt by the Sun 2 Go to Cannes

Jurists at the Cannes Film Festival will judge Nikita Mikhalkovs Burnt by the Sun 2 this Saturday, as the director attempts to repeat the international success of the original film. But the harsh reaction of Russian moviegoers and critics raises some questions.

6,000 Flock to Kremlin for Burnt by the Sun Sequel

Sixteen years after Burnt by the Sun won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, director Nikita Mikhalkov has unveiled the first of a two-part sequel set during World War II in a screening at the Kremlin.

Karenina Praised in West, but Stymied in Russia

Sergei Solovyovs 2009 film Anna Karenina packs showings in New York theaters but fails to find a distributor in Russia.