Articles by Alisa Ballard

Moscow Joggers Battle With Dogs, Locals and Incredulity

When he was Moscow correspondent for the New York Times, Christopher S. Wren used to take his daily run in a bright blue track suit, attracting not just the attention of bemused Soviet citizens — but also the KGB.

Director of Arctic Film Tells of Bears, Isolation

Alexei Popogrebsky, director of How I Ended This Summer, told The Moscow Times how the real Arctic compared to his ideal and how a polar bear ran the wrong way.

Irish Embassy Hosts Auction for Hospital

A charity auction and exhibition at the Irish Embassy on Friday, May 14, will benefit Russias largest pediatric burn unit, at Moscows Speransky Childrens Hospital.

YouTube Pop Sensations Ready for Moscow Show

Fans of young Russian pop duo Lemonday praise the two for their onstage energy and charm. Critics are bewildered by their popularity.

Joggers Battle With Dogs, Locals and Incredulity

One former jogger in Moscow was filmed by the KGB during his runs. Nearly 30 years later, jogging remains almost as suspect an activity.

Garage Exhibit Shows Later Rothko Works

American abstract painter Mark Rothko is getting his first exhibit in Moscow at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, in a show that reveals the artist's melancholy and spirituality.

Gibson Ex, Grigorieva, Gives Charity Concert

Oksana Grigorieva spoke to The Moscow Times about the end of her relationship with Mel Gibson and about her charity work during her first visit to Russia in 17 years.

Galleries, Museums Free for Just a Day

Free admittance and extended hours await visitors to Moscows museums on Sunday as part of Moscows 10th-annual celebration of Historical and Cultural Heritage Day.

Sick Children to Get Support From Gala

The International Womens Club of Moscow will hold its second annual Star Ball on April 20 at the Ritz-Carlton.

Eclectic Klezmer, Poetry, Profanity on Stage in City

Psoy Korolenko is recognized as a modern-day skomorokh, a class of medieval Russian troubadours known for the diversity of their one-man shows.

When a Century of Soviet Art Meets Ceramics

Many of the greatest avant-garde artists of the Bolshevik era captured the spirit of the young state by brandishing revolutionary slogans in poetry, theater and film.
Porcelain was no exception, as a new exhibition shows.

New Venue for St. Pats Parade

Tens of thousands of Muscovites are expected for the capitals 18th annual St. Patricks Day Parade on Sunday.

Ancient Icon, Modern Muse

A Greek-born artist draws from a 7th-century icon to portray contemporary struggle in paintings and videos.

New Talent on Show at Italian Film Festival

Nine new Italian films by young directors will open at 35MM on Thursday as part of the annual N.I.C.E., or New Italian Cinema Event.

Moscow. 1957 Photos Go on Show at Pushkin

22-year-old Swiss photographer Leonard Gianadda came to Moscow in 1957 to attend the World Festival of Youth and Students. His photographs of life in the Soviet city remained undeveloped and forgotten until their recent rediscovery.

Berlin Fest Winner Set for April Debut

Alexei Popogrebskys Arctic thriller How I Ended This Summer, which won two prizes at the Berlin Film Festival, was inspired by the diaries of Nikolai Pinegin, who accompanied Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov on his fatal attempt to reach the North Pole in 1912.

Odnoralov Returns For Retrospection

The Tretyakov Gallery hosts the first exhibition of nonconformist artist Mikhail Odnoralov's post-emigration paintings in Russia.