Articles by Yevgeny Reyzman

A Chink in the Armor of Migration Rules for Expat Specialists in Russia

  • 23 June 10
  • Baker & McKenzie, Moscow
The foreign business community in Russia has for years found the migration rules governing foreigners working in Russia to be unduly complicated and bureaucratic, and this has substantially spoiled the investment climate in the country. Now, the time has come when change has become inevitable.

Terminating the CEO: Employer’s Discretion Shrinks in Court

  • 06 April 10
  • Baker & McKenzie
In 1995, the freshly introduced law on joint stock companies declared for the first time that shareholders and board members were free at any time to terminate the head of a company (referred to in this article by the synonyms CEO and executives) and also declared that the rules of corporate law supersede those of labor law in relationships with these top officers.

Non-Quota Positions and Professions in 2010

  • 03 February 10
  • Baker & McKenzie
Something has finally happened to revive the dying hopes of law-abiding foreign companies that employ expats in Russia.