Articles by Natalia Fridrikova

Building the Team of the Future: Do Employees Need a Purpose to Work For?

  • 24 April 12
  • Beagle Recruitment Company
Currently HR professionals in many companies face the challenge of improving employee efficiency, and one of the recent trends is enhancing employee commitment not only to results but to the process as well. We all know that professionals who are passionate about their work generate the highest profit for a company since they are engaged in corporate life and do care about their performance results.

Innovations in Recruitment

  • 26 October 11
  • Beagle Recruitment Company

The business environment today is such that commitment to HR is becoming an increasingly important issue necessary for any company's development. The labor market dictates its terms, and HR experts need to be dynamic and proactive in order to match it at the highest possible level.

An Employer’s Perspective of the IT/Telecom Labor Market in Russia

At this point in time, the telecommunications market may be said to look like one of the most successful markets in the crisis. It should be noted that in 2008, the Russian services market demonstrated growth, even though it was the lowest growth in recent years.