Articles by Shlomo Ben-Ami

Putin's Rearguard Battle

Russia's recent diplomatic successes in Syria and Iran, together with foreign-policy missteps by U.S. President Barack Obama, have emboldened President Vladimir Putin in his drive to position Russia as capable of challenging American exceptionalism and Western universalism.

Israel's Peace Dividend Amid Middle East Chaos

Twenty years after the Oslo Accords, the prospects for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal are dimmer than ever.

Why Israel's Military Victories Are Never Final

Zionism was the national movement of a weak people decimated by oppression and genocide.

Israel Caught Between the United States and Iran

Israel's concern about the specter of a nuclear Iran has now degenerated into a crisis of confidence concerning the United States.

Global Zero Requires Peace in the Middle East

Twenty-five years ago, U.S. President Ronald Reagan stunned the world and his Soviet counterpart, Mikhail Gorbachev, by proposing the comprehensive elimination of all nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the skepticism of the U.S. defense establishment nipped this bold move in the bud. That was a tragic missed opportunity that might have had truly global meaning.

Oil Realism in the Middle East

If energy security means the availability of sufficient supply at affordable prices, then the real security problem comes from a cartel-based price system that dictates artificially high prices that could never exist in a competitive market.