Articles by Aaron Mulvihill

Controversial Dacha Demolished at Dawn

Bulldozers destroyed the Muromtseva dacha in Tsaritsyno during a dawn raid by police and a demolition crew, just over two months after a mysterious fire gutted it.

A Virtual Trip on the Trans-Siberian

Google and Russian Railways invite web surfers on a virtual journey across Russia aboard the legendary Moscow-Vladivostok train.

Internet Users Increase 22%

Thirty-six percent of Russian adults, or 42 million people, are connected to the Internet, up 22 percent from the same period of 2008.

After Warning, Historic Dacha Hit by Mystery Fire

A country house built by the chairman of the first State Duma and later occupied by writers and artists including Ivan Bunin and Venedikt Yerofeyev was gutted in a violent blaze on Jan. 3.

Forbes Gets $300,000 From Cybersquatter

The Moscow Arbitration Court has awarded Forbes and its Russian publisher, Axel Springer Russia, a record $300,000 in damages and the rights to in a landmark cybersquatting ruling.

Gallery Building to Be Torn Down

The fate of the exhibition space housing the Central House of Artists and the New Tretyakov Gallery has hung in the balance since plans were announced last year to construct an ambitious Norman Foster-designed project in its place.

Belarus Plays Down Customs Union Fears

The most difficult stage of customs union negotiations concerned automotive tariffs, with Belarus agreeing to increase tariffs for dealers to match Russian levels Ч meaning a large hike in the price of foreign-made cars for Belarussians.

Ukrainian Killed by Border Guards

A native of the Kharkiv region, which borders Russia, was shot dead by a patrolmen in the early hours of Thursday morning as he tried to race across the border in a car with a trailer attached, Interfax reported.

Deripaska Gets Time To Buy Strabag Stake

He has until Dec. 18 to pay an extension premium of 45.8 million euros ($68.5 million).

'Call of Duty' Raises Local GamersТ Ire

The game, which has attracted widespread criticism for its violent content, puts the player in a world where the Russian government has been taken over by ultranationalists intent on provoking a war with the United States.

Politicians Insist Dam DoesnТt Pose a Threat

The politicians were responding to an open letter sent to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by nervous inhabitants of the Yenisei River basin, which called for the complete decommissioning of the hydroelectric facility.

Medvedev Looks for Lessons in Singapore

Medvedev spoke as he oversaw a flurry of negotiations in Singapore with companies interested in investing in RussiaТs Far East and a possible deal that would allow Gazprom to exclusively supply gas to the island nation.

Medvedev to Address APEC Summit

Medvedev will carry out bilateral talks with Chinese leader Hu Jintao, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and U.S. President Barack Obama at the APEC summit in Singapore.

Rising Demand to Spur Investment

The International Energy Agency said in a report Tuesday that global energy demand in the next two decades will provide huge investment opportunities in upgrades and exploration in Russia.

Putin Tries to Entice Foreign Investors

He promises to lower administrative barriers and to allow foreigners to take part in next yearТs planned wave of privatizations.

Kudrin Cool to G20 Stimulus Pledge

The finance minister also said he was concerned that asset price bubbles might materialize because of massive rapid capital inflows.

Moscow Real Estate Draws Chinese Interest

Among the several projects under consideration is a 30,000-square-meter open market to be built at the current site of a construction-materials market outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Farmers Missed Their Cue in СDairy WarТ

The head of the Federal Consumer Protection Service scolded dairy companies Thursday for not taking advantage of a temporary ban on Belarussian milk to snap up market share.

No Hike in Spending For Т10, Kudrin Says

The declaration comes even after the government revised its socio-economic forecast to be based on oil trading at $57 a barrel, up from an earlier forecast of $54.

Fashion Designers Cut Out The Shop

A group of young designers are using new marketing methods, made possible by online social networks, to sell their creations directly and avoid the costs of traditional distribution chains.