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Will 2016 Bring Pay Raises to Russia?

As 2015 draws to a close, most general managers of international companies based in Russia will be scratching their heads when planning their budgets for next year.

Avoiding Moscow's Expat Cull

An increasing number of our recruitment projects are replacements either for underperforming staff or involve management looking to reduce expenditure.

Tips for Russians Working Abroad

The current expat exodus from Moscow is well-known, yet the subject of Russians leaving Russia has received little attention from the media.

Does Moscow Still Need Expats?

The past year has seen a considerable exodus of expatriate, white-collar workers from Russia, and in most cases this has been involuntary.

Job Hunting During Russia's Crisis

Typically, logic dictates that changing your job during a boom makes the most sense: The majority of employers are in hiring mode and there are more vacancies than good candidates available.

Russian Reply Is Often Short, Simple and Stale

Expats in Russia often struggle with cross-­cultural communication. Here is a classic example: I spotted a colleague eating an ice cream one day and asked, "Ira, where did you buy the ice cream?"

Taking Your English From Good to Great

Native speakers of English are regularly lambasted for their unwillingness or point-blank refusal to learn a foreign language. The most common excuse is that even if you do try, everyone will just reply in English anyway.

Tips on Hiring Employees

Don't succumb to the temptation of hiring people you like or get along with best. You can socialize with friends in your spare time.

Russians Need Role Models

A generation has now passed since the Soviet collapse. Today's university graduates have grown up without witnessing life under the old regime, so their impressions of Soviet days can be based only on old television footage or stories recounted by older friends and family.

Expats, Russians Search for a Common Language

Russians are always curious how they and their country are perceived by foreigners, especially from the West. The general misconception is that Russia is cold and gray for 12 months of the year, everyone drinks vodka, nobody ever smiles and hardly anyone speaks English.

Expat Job Seekers Need Far More Than Whim

Kommersant recently reported that the number of foreigners applying for jobs in Russia has increased considerably over the past year, and it went to town speculating over the reasons why.

When in Russia, Talk the Talk

When we foreigners do make the effort to speak Russian, nearly everyone seems to reply in English anyway. But this is less likely to happen outside of the Garden Ring.

8 Tips for Expats to Get the Most Out of Russia

Two decades may have passed since Russia began opening up to foreign business, yet the expat-versus-local debate in the workplace shows no sign of disappearing.

Why Russians Love to Be Managers

I've always struggled to grasp the point of socialism, where there is no financial incentive for the individual to work harder, better, smarter or more efficiently. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put it, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

Headhunters’ Targets: Who Are They?

  • 29 September 10
  • Antal Russia
Although the Russian labor market is only just recovering from the global economic recession, demand in certain fields significantly exceeds supply.