Articles by Kristina Mikulova

Racial Tensions High as Trial Draws to Close

A trial of seven Caucasus natives accused of attacking two Russian teenagers in Moscow marks an unusual twist in a city where racist violence is typically directed against minorities, and has already caused a violent backlash.

S. Ossetia Purportedly Burns Scores Of Books

But South Ossetian authorities denied the book burning, and the rector of the university where it purportedly occurred said only "obsolete textbooks" had been discarded and they hadn't been burned.

Georgians Flocking to Poland to Get Asylum

More than 3,000 Georgians applied for Polish asylum from May to August, a nearly tenfold increase from the past eight years, according to the Warsaw-based Office for Foreigners, which handles refugees.

Bolshoi Repairs Investigated

The Investigative Committee said in a statement Monday that the project's general contractor, the state-controlled Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration, faces charges of misusing its powers.

Thousands of Georgians Seek Asylum in Poland

Poland saw an unprecedented flood of Georgian citizens apply for asylum over the past four months.

Chichvarkin Released on Bail

Chichvarkin was released after about two hours in custody upon paying bail, and a preliminary extradition hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 22, a Westminster Magistrates' Court spokesman told The Moscow Times.

New Law Gets Test Run With Chichvarkin

Investigators used the law, which was passed in June and designed to fight organized crime, to bolster their case against the former Yevroset chief, who is wanted by both the Russian police and Interpol on charges of kidnapping and extortion.

Moscow Expects Chichvarkin’s Arrest

Russian investigators said Thursday that a British court has issued an arrest warrant for fugitive cell phone tycoon Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who has been on Russia’s most-wanted list since January.

Yacht Importer Calls Probe A Mistake

Leading luxury yacht importer Burevestnik Group denied smuggling charges Thursday, while the Investigative Committee kept a tight lid on details of the case.

Yacht Importer Calls Probe 'Misunderstanding'

Leading luxury yacht importer Burevestnik Group denied smuggling charges Thursday, while the Investigative Committee kept a tight lid on details of the case.

Russian Language Gets a State-Mandated Fix

Coffee used to be masculine. From Tuesday, it can be masculine or neuter, says a decree from the Science and Education Ministry.

Medvedev Says Books Turn Minds to Kasha

As a presidential commission to counter the falsification of Russian history met for the first time, President Medvedev called for the introduction of a single history textbook so that children's heads won't spin.

Activists Denounce Stalin in Station

The freshly renovated Kurskaya metro station reopened this week amid a bitter controversy over the legacy of Soviet leader Josef Stalin, whose name was returned to the facade after more than 50 years.

Bolshoi Runs 16 Times Over Budget

The restoration of the Bolshoi Theater has cost 16 times more than originally planned, largely because of violations on the part of the contractors, the Audit Chamber said in a report Monday.