Articles by Alex Anishyuk

Boeing Wins Coveted Aeroflot Tender

State-owned industry holding Russian Technologies, which conducted the tender on behalf of Aeroflot, said Boeing submitted the best offer technically, operationally and financially.

Putin Attacks Steel Price Hikes

Prime Minster Vladimir Putin lashed out Monday at a price hike planned by metals makers, questioning its economic feasibility just as the industry agrees to a compromise increase of 22 percent.

Cash-Strapped Belarus Snubs Custom Union

Russia and Kazakhstan said Friday that they planned to join the WTO together, but without Belarus, which passed up a meeting on their trilateral customs union.

For Russia's Entrepreneurs, Inheritance Is Open Question

Most Russian entrepreneurs have not thought seriously about what to do with their businesses when they retire, but they do know what educations they want for their heirs, a survey reported.

Russia May Allow U.S. Poultry Shipments to Resume Soon

The United States may be able to start shipping poultry in a month, a spokesman for Russia's veterinary watchdog said Thursday, calling the breakthrough a reward for Moscow's hard line in its negotiations with Washington.

Kasyanov Testifies Yukos Case Is Political

Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov testified Monday that then-President Vladimir Putin indicated that the crackdown on oil giant Yukos occurred because its owner, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, had bankrolled the Communist Party.

Medvedev Orders Review of Wobbly Bridge

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered a construction investigation Friday after a new bridge over the Volga River gave a bizarre performance, sending cars swirling and bouncing in gale-force winds.

Nokia, Cisco Line Up as 'Silicon Valley' Partners

Russia may partner with foreign high-tech companies, including Nokia and Cisco Systems, in the development of its "innovation city," presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich has said.

Hewlett-Packard Launches Computer Assembly Line

The launch of the line, for producing HP, HP Pro and Compaq models, was positive news for HP in Russia amid recent corruption probes by both Russian and German investigators.

Norway, Russia Strike Deal to Divide Arctic Undersea Territory

The agreement will regulate both fishing and drilling on 173,000 square kilometers of the Arctic shelf, which will be divided between Russia and Norway into two roughly equal sections.

Medvedev Discusses Arctic Drilling, Telecoms With Norway

The two countries have been in talks for about 30 years on divvying up the Barents Sea territory, which is located on the oil- and gas-rich Arctic shelf.

Foreign Companies Sign Anti-Corruption Pact

Foreign companies, including several involved in recent bribery probes in their home countries, signed an anti-corruption pact Wednesday in what they hope will be a step toward curtailing illegal business practices in Russia.

4 Expats Bet on Soup as a Fast-Food Winner

A new homemade soup chain opened by four ambitious expats brings the concept of "comfort food to go" to an untapped market of hungry Muscovites.

United Russia Says Prokhorov Blocks Progress

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who heads the labor committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, said last week that existing labor legislation holds back innovation, prompting an angry response from United Russia.

Russia to Join WTO Alone

The government had earlier indicated a willingness to apply for accession to the WTO as part of a customs union with Kazakhstan and Belarus, but First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that model may be changed "due to tactical considerations."

VimpelCom Talks Expansion as Kyivstar Merger Approaches

VimpelCom will finalize its merger with Kyivstar within a week, after a deadline expires Thursday for minority shareholders to exchange their stock for shares in the new consolidated company, the company's vice president said.

High-Speed Moscow-St. Petersburg Train 'Sabotaged'

The Sapsan train, which travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg at 200 kilometers to 250 kilometers per hour, has provoked the outrage of those who live near the railway, many of whom have already vented their anger by pelting the passing train with rocks and ice.

Putin, Chavez Boost Ties in Oil, Nuclear Power

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin oversaw the signing of 31 agreements in oil, energy and trade on Friday during his first visit ever to Venezuela, while President Hugo Chavez said they even held talks on joint space exploration.

Police Say Searches at Mirax No Joke

Interior Ministry investigators, escorted by 40 armed and masked riot police, raided Mirax Group's offices in the Federation Tower on Thursday as part of a probe into the alleged theft of 4.1 million rubles ($140,000) in electricity.

Immigrants Make Up 10% of Work Force

There were 2.4 million officially registered migrants in 2008, although the real figure is likely three times higher, according to a report on Russia's demographic development commissioned by the United Nations Population Fund.

Oerlikon Opens Local Nano-Facility

Swiss-based tech conglomerate Oerlikon on Monday launched Russia's first facility to cover machinery with a nanotech durability coating used by car and plane makers, more than 30 years after the Soviet-designed technique was sold abroad.

BRIC Countries Agree Food Security Strategy

Brazil, Russia, India and China agreed to combat hunger and boost efforts to promote food security, according to a strategy signed by the countries' agriculture ministers in Moscow on Friday.

Cost of Bribes More Than Doubles in Т09

The cost of an average bribe last year reached more than 23,000 rubles ($780), up from 9,000 rubles in 2008, the Interior Ministry's economic safety department said, and experts say the figures may be on the low side.

High-Speed Sapsan Has Locals Up in Arms

The Sapsan train between Moscow and St. Petersburg, which had its maiden trip in December, has provoked the outrage of those who live near the railway, many of whom are venting their anger by pelting the passing train with rocks and ice.

Foreign Investors Offering Advice, Not Money

Representatives at the American Chamber of Commerce's 10th annual investment conference said Russia still needed to deal with long-standing issues, such as modernizing what it has and creating a countrywide climate that welcomes business.

Heeding Putin's Warning, OGK-3 Plans Asset Sale

The announcement from the power generator came after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin singled out OGK-3 as one of the biggest offenders of delayed investment in the power sector.

Seafood Company Plans $200M IPO

Russian Sea will use the cash raised for investments in production, fish farming operations, a partial repayment of debt and to increase its working capital.

State Awards $68.2M to Film Studios

Eight major film studios will get 250 million rubles ($8.5 million) each from the state this year, with bonuses for movies that attract more than a million viewers.

Nestle Sees Sales Up 12%, New Local Capacity

Nestle, the worldТs largest food producer, saw its sales in Russia shoot up 12 percent last year despite a steep drop off in the food market, Stefan de Loecker, the companyТs regional head, said Wednesday.

What to Do If Your Russian Flight Is Delayed

Lax penalties for airlines, and Russia's harsh weather conditions, make delays on domestic flights an all-too-frequent occurrence. But passengers do have some rights if they find themselves stuck in Departures.