Articles by Ksenia Galouchko

Taibbi: U.S. Finances 'Similar' to Russian Politics

Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, is known in the United States for his coverage of the financial crisis, but in Russia, he is remembered for his time as editor of the satirical newspaper The eXile and by some at this paper for his brief period as a journalist at The Moscow Times.

Saving the Avant-Garde Masterworks of Nukus

Nukus, the capital of a poor Uzbek region, has a secret: a museum hidden away that is packed with Russian avant-garde masterpieces. A new documentary, "The Desert of Forbidden Art," looks at this remarkable museum.

Tales of a War Correspondent: Anna Badkhen

Anna Badkhen has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Somalia and the Middle East. Badkhen spoke to The Moscow Times about her new books, her growth as a war correspondent and what makes her return to conflict zones.

British Artist Seeks Former Teachers of Marxism

Turner Prize-nominated Phil Collins plans to seek out and interview former Russian and East German teachers of Marxism and Leninism.

Legendary Spanish Mime Trio Hits City

Born in Barcelona 30 years ago, the Tricicle comedy team performed at the opening of the 1992 Summer Olympics in their home city and has a sister company which tours around the world to much success.

Double Date Begins Whitneys Comeback

Whitney Houstons concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg will serve as a rehearsal for the pop divas World Tour, which starts in Japan in February 2010.

Diaghilevs Ballet Russes Revolution on Display

Vision of Dance doesnt follow a specific chronological pattern, opting instead to emphasize themes selected by Diaghilev himself.

Monroe, NBA Icons Vanish at Krasny Oktyabr

In his video and photographic art, Paul Pfeiffer takes images of celebrities and moves them out of the spotlight, thus allowing the spectator to focus on other details of the image.

Art or Death Lives at MMOMA

The birth of Art or Death as an movement coincided with the Russian audiences introduction to previously banned Impressionism and Western Modernism, as Marc Chagall and Robert Rauschenberg were brought to Moscow for the first time.

Arresting Polanski Film Plays At Amfest

The Fourth American Film Festival is bringing independent American film to town, showcasing a number of independent films and award-winning documentaries.

Crisis Brings About a Revival of Public Lectures

Cash-strapped city dwellers are turning to public lectures to enrich the mind.

3rd Art Biennale Imports Unknown World

The curator of the gargantuan art event promises to push African, Indian, Australian and Chinese modern art into the spotlight, introducing Moscow to many things it isn't used to.

One Womans Tale of Soviet Life Grips Nation

Split into 15 parts and shown over four days earlier this year, Translation featured famous translator Lilianna Lungina, telling of a life that experienced some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century, from the Stalinist purges and World War II to the Khrushchev thaw.

Top Musicians Offer Free Moscow Master Classes

If you are the kind of person who faints at the idea of listening to Yuri Bashmet or Van Cliburn after a busy day at work, then the first international master-class festival, Glory to the Maestro, is a must-attend event.

Vogue, Designer Shops Stay Up to Fight Crisis

An event organized by Russian Vogue called Fashions Night Out will feature champagne, lottery prizes and world-class designers at a row of Moscow boutiques Thursday in an attempt to attract shoppers back into designer shops.

Free Concerts, Museums for Moscows City Day

Hundreds of events, from world-class opera to running waiters, will take place this weekend as the city gets one year older.

Theater Art From a Bygone Age

The Artist in the Stage Mirror exhibition of 20th-century Russian theater pieces at the Museum of Private Collections emphasizes the emotional atmosphere of the epoch.

Chic and Ecofriendly 'Design Act' Takes Over Winzavod

The festival will host over a hundred Russian and international designers whose creations blend contemporary art and everyday function, along with workshops and a market for design-inclined shoppers.

A Ticket or Not a Ticket at Arkhangelskoye Estate

Buying a ticket to a museum may seem like a simple process but not at the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum complex recently. There you are spoiled for choice.

Boney M, Bikes and Bikini Fest

They may seem like mutually exclusive things, but this weekend bikes and bikinis will come together at the Auto-Moto Bikini festival. If that is not enough, you can also catch ageing 1970s stars Boney M and a Michael Jackson Thriller show at the event.

Threat of Tsaritsyno Dacha Becoming a Car Park

Hidden away behind a tall fence in the Tsaritsyno park complex is the Muromtsev Dacha, a dark-green wooden building that has seen many of Russias most distinguished walk in its doors.

Checking Plans for Moscow In 2025

Muscovites have been heading to see the future, as the architectural blueprint for the city for 2025 has been on public display in 125 spots all over the city.

Tracing the Rich History of the Russian Wedding

In pre-Revolutionary Russia, weddings were considered the high point of ones life. Peasants and aristocrats alike divided their lives into two parts before and after the wedding and village celebrations would often stagger on for a whole year after the wedding itself.

Writer Infuses Cabaret With Russian and Humor

Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, a writer once banned by the Soviet Union, revives the bygone days of Russian cafe culture with cabaret.

Graffiti Artists Vie For Trip to Prague

Heating units, which regulate heating in the city, can be found in most courtyards and are usually squat, drab, utilitarian buildings with little architectural value.