Articles by Vera Kholmogorova

$32Bln in Tax Debt All But Written Off

Every year, the Russian budget does not receive about 1 trillion rubles ($32.4 billion) in revenue from late taxes and fines, a sum that is not even included in budget projections.

Medvedev Seeks List of Punished Officials

President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday asked the government to draft a list of officials who have been punished for not carrying out his orders, although the White House is saying that everything is under control.

Duma Gets Bill Limiting Cross Holding Ownership

State Duma deputies have introduced a bill that would fight circular ownership structures in corporations, although experts said the proposals went too far.

Duma Committee Calls for Reform of Foreign Specialist Permits

Highly qualified foreigners will receive work permits outside of the Federal Migration Service's quota system, and the government will need to review the request for the permit within 14 days. Currently, work permits take 12 months to 23 months to be processed.

Changes to Economic Crimes Bill Greeted by Business

President Dmitry Medvedev has decided to remove from the Criminal Code the article on false entrepreneurship, reduce prison terms for money laundering and increase the threshold for economic crimes to be treated as major and massive.

Deripaska Blasts Khodorkovsky, Lauds Putin

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El Pais, Deripaska offered harsh criticism for the reforms of the 1990s and made a string of accusations about Khodorkovsky.

Zubkov Victorious on Trade Bill Feud

In the new version of the bill on trade, the provisions on limiting fees and boundaries for expanding retail chains have remained unchanged.

Government Snubs Kremlin Objections to Trade Law

In the new version of the bill on trade, the provisions on limiting fees and boundaries for expanding retail chains have remained unchanged.

President, Government Argue About Trade Bill

The presidential administration harshly criticized proposed State Duma legislation on trade, saying it hardly touches issues of protecting the rights of consumers.

United Russia to Save AvtoVAZ

The party is planning to send 10 members of its ‘personnel reserve’ to help the carmaker’s current management.

MedvedevТs Corruption Drive Nets Small Fish

An Interior Ministry official said high-ranking officials have been detained with increasing frequency for violations of the law, but for the most part the violations had been minor.

Corruption Crackdown Ensnares Many, Solves Little

In the first half of 2009, the Prosecutor General's Office uncovered more than 11,000 violations of the law on state service, including on income declarations.

Ministry Seeks to Buy Gold-Decorated Bed

The Interior Ministry is looking to spend 24.4 million rubles ($764,000) on new furniture, including a bedroom suite decorated with pure gold, according to publicly available documents.

Tax Seizure Plan Faces

The Finance Ministry is challenging a Supreme Court proposal that would allow tax officials to collect payments from individuals without a court order, which the ministry says would be in violation of the Constitution and, more generally, wouldnТt work.

PutinТs Party to Rescue Struggling Plants

United Russia will launch a program that envisions sending teams of party members to rescue struggling socially significant companies, a party official told Vedomosti.