Articles by Galina Dontsova

Customs Compliance

  • 04 December 12
  • Ernst & Young
Mistakes relating to the declared value for customs normally cause delays in the release of goods and value adjustments.

Road Map for Improving Customs Administration

  • 26 June 12
  • Ernst & Young
The Agency for Strategic Initiatives, created in 2011, is working to improve the investment climate in Russia. One of the agency's objectives is to improve Russia's ranking in terms of the business climate, and road maps for various business sectors are intended to address this. This article gives an overview of the road map for improving customs administration.

Assessment of How the Customs Union Is Working

  • 29 November 11
  • Ernst & Young

Based on a survey of foreign companies that are major foreign investors, in this article we try to give a brief assessment of how major foreign investors involved in foreign trade have fared in the new conditions of working in Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Customs Procedures: What's New

  • 15 June 11
  • Ernst & Young

New customs union laws have made certain changes in customs procedures (formerly called "customs regimes"). In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the most significant changes.

Authorized Economic Operator: Status in the Customs Union

  • 30 November 10
  • Ernst & Young
It is widely known that the conditions of eligibility for simplified customs clearance and the application procedures for this, such as the release of goods prior to submission of customs declarations and the storage of goods in warehouses owned by the goodsТ proprietors, were changed as of July 1 in response to the establishment of the customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and adoption of the customs code of that union.

Customs Legislation After July 1, 2010 Ц A Brief Overview of Expected Changes

  • 15 June 10
  • Ernst & Young
Starting July 1, 2010, changes in Russian customs legislation are expected to be introduced to reflect the new reality of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Customs Benefits for Imported Equipment Under Customs Union Regulations

  • 30 March 10
  • Ernst & Young
Recently, a lot of changes have been introduced into customs legislation that affect benefits for imported equipment.

Interaction between Customs Authorities and Business

  • 16 June 09
  • Head of Customs and International Trade Group, Ernst & Young

For several years, The Moscow Times has held conferences on customs issues under the motto Partnership Relations between Customs Authorities and Businesses. This year the conference will be held on June 25. Here are some ideas about the interaction of customs authorities with business we would like to share with readers on the eve of the event.