Articles by Yulia Fedorinova

Chemezov's Wife Could Join MFK Bank

Yekaterina Ignatova, wife of Russian Technologies chief Sergei Chemezov, could become a partner of billionaires Mikhail Prokhorov, Alexander Abramov, Viktor Vekselberg and Suleiman Kerimov in MFK Bank, Vedomosti has learned.

Prokhorov Agrees to Larger Stake In RusAl

Under a new restructuring plan, the billionaire would convert a $1.8 billion debt into RusAl shares, bringing his stake to 19.2 percent.

Prokhorov's RusAl Stake Rises After Restructuring Talks

A source close to RusAl's shareholders confirmed that Prokhorov agreed to convert a total of $1.8 billion in debt into RusAl shares, which would raise his stake to 19.16 percent after an earlier share issue agreed upon in March.

RusAl to List in Paris and Hong Kong

The company plans to sell a 10 percent stake simultaneously in Hong Kong and Paris, but it is not yet clear how the stake will be divided.

RusAl IPO Planned for Paris and Hong Kong

RusAl plans to sell a 10 percent stake simultaneously in Hong Kong and Paris, but it is not yet clear how the stake will be divided, a source close to RusAl's shareholders told Vedomosti.

Reserves From Flooded Uralkali Mine May Be 50% Recoverable

The miner may extract 50 percent to 60 percent of the reserves that were not developed because of the 2006 accident, a Natural Resources and Environment Ministry official, said Monday.

MMK Seeks Permission To Boost Stake in Belon

The metals producer submitted a request Tuesday to increase its stake to about 80 percent, Alexei Ulyanov, director of the service's industry department, told Vedomosti.

State to Resettle Some Single-Industry Towns

Concerned that the situation in 17 single-industry towns could collapse at any time, the government will help resettle residents in such cities that are depressed and diversify the industries of those classified as progressing.

New Outlines for 'Monocities' Established

The Regional Development Ministry has prepared a document, a copy of which was obtained by Vedomosti, spelling out how the state will support cities that are overreliant on one industry.

AvtoVAZ Asks State for More Support

As a result of existing debt, the company is now preparing for mass layoffs; it sent a declaration to the Health and Social Development Ministry announcing that it would lay off 36,000 people by the end of December.

Chemezov Wants to Boost KamAZ Stake

State corporation Russian Technologies is looking to purchase a 13 percent stake in automaker KamAZ in a move to try to obtain control of the plant.

Russian Technologies Seeks Control of KamAZ

An Interfax source said the controlling stake in the truck maker could be bought for $300 million to $320 million, valuing KamAZ at $2.3 billion to $2.5 billion.

GAZ Agrees With All but Alfa on Restructuring

GAZ Group has agreed with a group of its creditors on terms for restructuring 40 billion rubles in debt — but the deal could be disrupted by Alfa Bank, which is not satisfied with the agreement.

Banks May Grant RusAl Low Restructuring Rate

United Company RusAl is in talks to restructure its $7.4 billion debt to foreign banks at no more than 6 percentage points or 7 percentage points over LIBOR, a more favorable rate than metals giants ArcelorMittal and Rio Tinto garnered for recent eurobonds.