Articles by Jon Hellevig

Only a SWOT Analysis Will Tell If Things Are Good or Bad

  • 22 December 09
  • Klein and Usov and Avenir Accounting
This year started with some dire predictions about the imminent and inevitable destruction of the Russian economy with ensuing widespread social unrest.

High-Tech Economy Needs a СNormalТ Country

  • 26 November 09
  • Klein and Usov and Avenir Accounting
A normal country is the first stop on the road to an innovative economy.

How Russia Could Make Billions Out of Thin Air

  • 03 November 09
  • Hellevig, Klein & Usov
Only a few pages of lawmaking would be required to create billions and billions worth of economic gains for Russia. All it takes is to realize how totally permeated Russia is by the social cancer of bureaucracy, take it seriously, and then do something about it.

An Adolescent Competition Law

  • 13 October 09
  • Hellevig, Klein & Usov
We speak of market economy and a capitalist economy as if they were the same, but I think it makes sense to demarcate the one from the other.

Inflation Makes Russia a Good Bet

  • 06 October 09
  • Hellevig, Klein & Usov
There are three factors that really make Russia an attractive object for investment. These are inflation, corruption and bureaucracy.

The Social Responsibility to Make a Profit!

  • 02 June 09
  • Managing Partner, Hellevig, Klein & Usov Llc.
I consider that the social responsibility of all business entities is to make a profit, and that is where the discussion should end. For all the issues subsumed under the subject of Social Responsibility either form part of the issues that amount to profit, or else they are not needed to be taken into consideration.