Articles by Stuart Prior

УNeat Appearance Ч Well Defended From the WolfФ

Russia is an ocean of land, and Russians are island people in their mentality. The extraordinary Russian nationalist, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, brilliantly described the tragedy of Stalinism with his description of the minute lives of ordinary individuals lost in the network of prison camps scattered around Russia, which he described as the УGulag Archipelago.Ф

Negotiating With Russians

Negotiating is a very serious business for a Russian because just about everything requires negotiation. I suspect, again, that thereТs something genetic in this and that most Russians are simply born to negotiate.

Negotiating With Russians

Over several decades of working with, and observing Russia, I have come across some key human and social factors that bear on virtually any negotiation. Where people live and the historical and other forces that are shaping them give a guide to where they are going.