Articles by Sergey Aleksashenko

Fighting Putin With Judo, Not Chess

After hearing the statements last week by U.S. and European officials regarding new potential sanctions against Russia, many were asking the question: What does the West want to achieve with these sanctions?

Stagnation Destroys AvtoVAZ Investment

The only hope for investment is from state and foreign companies. AvtoVAZ is more than just a major enterprise for President Putin.

Russia's Eurasia Model Becoming a Grim Reality

The growing gap between Russia and Europe is a strategic success for Putin, but it is a strategic defeat for the EU.

A Dangerous Anti-Terrorism Bill

The State Duma has introduced another bill aimed at combating terrorism. To be sure, terrorism in Russia remains a critical problem as terrorists kill dozens of people every year.

Crony Capitalism Gone Wild

Russia's crony capitalism prohibits Moscow from being both a major global hub for air traffic and a international financial center.

Ukraine Is Failing as a State

When Yanukovych came to power in 2010, I didn't believe the predictions that he would build an autocracy like in Russia. But I was wrong.

Europe Content to Watch Ukraine Sink

European politicians are willing to let institutional corrosion eat away at both Russia and Ukraine.

Presidents Putin and Obama Are Political Twins

It has been fascinating to follow the debate in the U.S. over budget policy. The Republican and Democratic parties advocate fundamentally different approaches.

20 Ways to Rise Above the Crisis

During the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum at the end of February, we participated in two days of brainstorming with more than 200 economists, political scientists and business leaders.