Articles by Anna Zvereva

Car Allowance — Tax Effective?

  • 11 December 12
  • Salans
Employment contracts with top managers of Russian companies (or local branches of foreign companies) often provide for the payment to the employee of a "compensation for transport costs" in the form of a fixed amount. In some cases, it is not clear from the text alone what type of transport costs are reimbursable. Typically, the wording used is: "compensation of the particular employee for the use of a private car for business purposes."

Certain Issues Concerning Adjustments to Customs Value

  • 04 December 12
  • Salans
It would be contentious to suggest that the Supreme Commercial Court's position applies generally rather than to VAT calculation only.

Customs Duties on Imports: Solving the '5-Year Term Problem'

  • 07 August 12
  • Salans
This article reviews a recent court case on the application of customs benefits to equipment imported as a contribution to the charter capital of a Russian subsidiary by a foreign participant. The court called upon to judge the matter has finally taken a position on the so called "five-year term problem," and the decision was not in favor of the importer.

Transfer Pricing Law: Reselling Goods

  • 17 July 12
  • Salans
Major suppliers of foreign goods often establish a subsidiary in Russia for the purposes of purchasing and importing foreign goods into Russia in order to resell them on the Russian market. The Russian company thus purchases goods from the foreign supplier, which is usually a related company (a member of the same group of companies).

Determining Income in Related Party Transactions: Choice and Application

  • 25 October 11
  • Salans
On Jan. 1, 2012, Federal Law No. 227-FZ on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation to improve the principles of price determination for tax purposes, dated July 18, 2011, ("Law") will enter force.

Tax Registration of a Foreign Company in Russia

  • 19 May 09
  • Of Counsel, Salans
Foreign companies planning to open a representative office in Russia for a lengthy period of time often ask whether tax registration in Russia in connection with activities in Russia automatically results in the creation of a permanent establishment in Russia for tax purposes.

Some Practical Tax Issues Arising on the Conclusion and Implementation of Lease Agreements

  • 24 March 09
  • Of Counsel, Salans
During the process of concluding and implementing a lease agreement, the parties often find it necessary to resolve many different issues -- reimbursement of the utility costs to the lessor, prolongation of the lease agreement, reimbursement of inseparable improvements, repair and maintenance of the leased premises, etc.