Articles by Kevin O'Flynn

Sergei Polunin Takes Stage in 'Mayerling' in Moscow

One of the world's most exciting ballet dancers Sergei Polunin will take the stage Thursday as Crown-Prince Rudolf in Kenneth MacMillan's "Mayerling" at the Stanislavsky and Nemorovich-Danchenko Musical Theater.

Land Art Festival Archstoyanie Marks 10th Year

One of Russia's most remarkable festivals, the land art event Archstoyanie, celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend.

Posing Nearly in the Nude in Moscow Since 1977

Viktor Parygin can be found, young and old, all over the walls of the Surikov Institute, one of the most prestigious art schools in the country.

Hennessy Celebrate 250 Years With Ambitious Exhibit

Hennessy cognac had a choice, chairman and CEO Bernard Peillon said, when celebrating their 250th anniversary this year: do a conventional exhibit linked to their vast archives or do something different.

Russian Artist Creates Special Bribe Envelopes for Corrupt Officials

A Siberian artist has sold out of special envelopes he created for putting money in to pay bribes after they proved to be an instant hit.

Russian 'Uber for Boobs' Start-Up Tittygram Sees Business Boom

When Moscow law firm Family Case, whose website boasts a knack for "the delicate resolution of family problems," decided to advertise recently, it chose a new way to attract new clients: Tittygram.

Comic Ardal O'Hanlon to Star at Moscow's Irish Week

Irish comedian Ardal O'Hanlon, famed for his role as a dim-witted Catholic priest in the hit sitcom "Father Ted," is making his first visit to Moscow this weekend to perform at the city's annual Irish Week.

From the Archive: Russian Penis Doctor Restores Man's 'Member'

The coffinmaker was hard at work when the accident happened. His circular saw suddenly got caught up in his trousers, and the man and the five bits of himself he'd just cut off were soon speeding their way to the hospital.

Everybody Hurts: Perfecting the Art of Displeasing the Customer

Steve is sore all over as he stands at the bar in a Moscow club. He is covered in welts and bruises. But he loves it.

Russian Film 'Leviathan' Takes Golden Globe, Chance for Oscar

Andrei Zvyagintsev's УLeviathan,Ф a dark and brooding film that depicts Russia as a corrupt and cruel society, took the Golden Globe for best foreign-language film late Sunday, making it one of the favorites to win the Academy Award in the same category next month.

From the Archive: Moskva Hotel's Treasures Up for Grabs

Less than a month after the last guests left, the vast hulk of the Moskva hotel at the end of Tverskaya Ulitsa is being stripped bare in what could be the biggest junk giveaway in the city's history.

Red Square Exhibit Sheds New Light on Soviet Cult of Lenin

Everyone knew what was in the redbrick 19th-century building by Red Square in Soviet times. It was the Lenin Museum, the home Ч together with the nearby mausoleum Ч of the Lenin cult, to which a visit was a rite of passage for Soviet children, sculpting the ideological view of the Bolshevik leader with the help of the vast number of items kept at the museum.

Stopped in London, Anti-Racism Show on Here

The fifth and last day of Exhibit B, a controversial work that aims to look at slavery and racism, and that was canceled in London after protests that it was itself racist, takes place Tuesday at the Museum of Modern Art's Gogolevsky Bulvar venue.

Cosmoscow Art Fair Opens in Central Manezh

If you have a spare couple of thousand euros, then the Central Manezh Exhibition Hall could be the place this weekend for you to start your contemporary art exhibit. That is the hope of the organizers of Cosmoscow, a slick art fair that aims to inspire a new generation of collectors.

Architect's Granddaughter Evicted From Moscow's Iconic Melnikov House

Moscow's iconic Melnikov House has found itself embroiled in yet another property scandal following the forced eviction of the architect's 75-year-old granddaughter.

David Duchovny Criticized for Viral Russian Beer Advert

Actor David Duchovny of "Californication" and "X-Files" fame has sparked controversy after appearing in a Russian beer advertisement that has gone viral and that critics say is too nationalistic, although director Michael Lockshin told The Moscow Times that that was what the makers were trying to avoid.

A Home Split In Two, Living on the Russian Ukrainian Border in 2000

Fourteen years ago, The Moscow Times wrote about Leonid Dobronogov — a man who had the bad luck to be living in a house built exactly on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Russian Sets up Website to Let Men Watch Football Without Wives

Mikhail Sindeyev watched 50 games of football on television this year but that wasn't enough. He needed to watch all of the World Cup too so he set up a web site, футболбезжен.рф, or footballwithoutwives.rf, so that he and other fans could hand over their wives to a third party and watch the games.

Styr the Cannibal Entertains at Game of Thrones Flop

There was a buzz of excitement at the open-air cinema at Muzeon Park as a few hundred journalists and fans gathered to meet actors from "Game of Thrones," the HBO fantasy series packed with enough sex and violence for a dozen Vladimir Sorokin books.

Newcomer Crimea Steals the Show on Russia Day

"This will be the eighth time we have gone round," said an excited Vadim Korenkov, 25, as he sat, tuba strapped to his body at the top of the towering ferris wheel. He was talking to his fellow musician, holding an alto horn at the other end of the open cabin, during one of the more memorable events that took place over the Russia Day holiday.

French Artist Sets Moscow Landmark on Fire

The Melnikov House burned bright on the warm May evening. Through its iconic hexagonal windows, the flames could be seen growing stronger and stronger. Smoke rose into the sky and as the temperature inside the house soared, the walls began to visibly warp.

Russian Ballet Scandal Heads North

  • 21 November 13
  • RIA Novosti
The storied Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet is at the center of a power struggle between rival factions.

Has the City Gotten Better for Foreign Tourists?

Moscow city wants more tourists and has started implementing a plan to make life simpler and easier for the foreign visitor. The city says it has put up new signs in English, sent out volunteers to help tourists, launched a call center, a new website and PR campaign, introduced new souvenirs such as memory sticks and set up tours on double-decker buses.

Wanted: Teleportation

It was one of the more tempting offers that came in to my inbox this Friday to experience teleportation through time and space. Something about the letter seemed familiar, and perhaps I had already been on it, had been sent back to the moment the e-mail arrived and was experiencing some kind of time-travel indigestion.

Big-Name Writers Lead Protest Rally of 10,000

A week after bloody clashes between radical youths and riot police tarnished the first major protest rally in months, the moderate middle-class opposition appeared to re-assert itself Sunday with an unexpectedly large march of thousands led by some of Russia's most prominent writers.

A Day-by-Day Look at This Week's Protests

As anti-Kremlin protests ended a fourth straight day Wednesday, demonstrators seemed to have proven that public anger is high enough to draw crowds onto the street regardless of the weather, the time of day or night, and police detentions.

Protesters Play Cat-and-Mouse With Police, Scores Detained

A day after the first violent clashes between police and demonstrators since rallies began in December, central Moscow on Monday became the focal point of a game of cat-and-mouse as protesters gathered in flash mobs across boulevards and down side streets to show their force and anger.

Chased by Police, Protesters Try to Keep a Round-the-Clock Vigil

A long day of wandering Moscow's streets for a place to protest turned into an even longer night as hundreds of demonstrators led by anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny and leftist activist Sergei Udaltsov attempted to kick-start a nonstop protest.

Protesters Play Cat-and-Mouse With Police, Scores Detained

Wanted: Plant Stem Cell

The nicely wrapped baskets were perched on the reception desk as you enter the building where this newspaper is located. It's a desk of bounty, where the companies who want to pay succor to the beauty and style magazines on the floors above send gifts and samples in the hope of winning coverage, or because they are such generous souls. I was once sent a calendar of Belarussian tractors, and, see, they get a mention in a column.

Election Webcams Reveal a Slice of Russian Life

The costly web cameras put in place in Russia's polling stations to combat fraud served a dual purpose over the weekend, giving viewers an unusual glimpse of the lives of people all over the country Ч from small Chechen villages to Tyumen nightlife and beyond.