Articles by Felix Kugel

Employment: Restructure for Growth: Best Practice Change Management

  • 16 September 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
The level of employee engagement positively impacts staff retention, attendance, safety and trust, as well as revenue and customer loyalty.

B2B: Best Practices for Building a Talent Strategy

  • 08 September 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Dynamic market conditions and changing business objectives can necessitate a reassessment of workforce needs.

Employment: Increase the Strength of Your Workforce

  • 05 August 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
For the greatest success, companies need to institute a comprehensive effort involving both employer and employee.

Employment: The Evolving Role of Human Resources

  • 24 June 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Organizations need one-size-fits-one career paths that allow employees to advance business goals and develop their skills.

Employment: A Technology Roadmap for Smarter Sourcing

  • 27 May 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
In today's environment, uncertainty is the only certainty. Market volatility makes it difficult to forecast hiring.

Employment: Recruit the Right Talent to Increase Sales Effectiveness

  • 22 April 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
A strong sales team is essential to the survival of the business. That is why even during harder times, companies continue to recruit sales core representatives. After all, they are responsible for revenue inflow.

Assessment for Hiring, Promotion and Development

  • 01 April 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
With a slowdown in the rate of workforce growth, the looming retirement of baby boomers, and the globalization of labor, companies are facing an unprecedented competition for the best and the brightest.

Employment: Rehiring Laid-Off Workers

  • 26 February 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Tapping former employees can be a win-win talent strategy, as long as the parting was on good terms and HR policies support the move.

Employment: Working Well

  • 05 February 14
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Wellness in the workplace is nice to have, but is it an absolute strategic essential? Can an organization's performance and success depend on it? It's hard to imagine that many people would answer affirmatively.

Employment: Key Considerations When Determining to Build Versus Buy

  • 25 December 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
A blended approach that ties business strategy to resources, budget and need can help organizations to build strength and agility.

Employment: Effective Talent Acquisition Is the Key to a Competitive Future

  • 27 November 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Executives in virtually every industry are concerned about the lack of available talent. Globally, the working-age population is on the decline while the number of retirees is on the rise.

Employment: The Importance of Coaching New Leaders

  • 16 October 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
One of the hallmarks of career success inside organizations is the ability of a new or recently promoted employee to successfully transition into a new or expanded leadership role.

Employment: Successful Leaders Ч They May Not Be Who You Think They Are

  • 08 October 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
What factors contribute most to accelerated leadership performance? The answers to that question are of vital importance to a company's success Ч perhaps more now than ever. Indeed, to succeed in today's challenging economy, organizations need employees who can function at full throttle.

Employment: Outsourcing: Key Risk Areas

  • 18 September 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
In today's business environment, outsourcing processes to a third party has become relatively commonplace. The practice gives organizations an opportunity to gain efficiencies, improve performance, lower costs, and focus on core competencies.

Employment: A New World We Are Living In

  • 03 September 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
The world is undergoing a rapid and complete transformation. The new macro-ecosystem in which we exist is more interconnected, complicated and sensitive than ever before.

Employment: A Lost Generation of Older Workers

  • 28 August 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
What percentage of your workforce is planning to retire in the next five to 10 years and what impact will it have on your organization?

Employment: The Looming Talent Shortage

  • 13 August 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
The talent shortageЧthe disparity between what employers need and what available employees have to offerЧhas a variety of causes. Some are interconnected, while others are isolated. Taken together, they create a "perfect storm" that shows no sign of subsiding.

Employment: HR Is the Key Driver of an Agile Organization

  • 06 August 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
ManpowerGroup's eighth annual Talent Shortage Survey found that 35 percent of employers on average report having difficulty filling jobs due to a lack of proper talent. This is the highest shortage since the start of the global recession.

Employment: Manage Costs. Invest in Talent. How to Do Both and Succeed in Today's Environment

  • 31 July 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
The previous economic crisis has changed the employment landscape. Nowadays, it is a major struggle to manage operating costs while investing in talent to maximize performance.

Employment: The High Cost of Failure

  • 04 June 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Delivering projects on time and on budget is a minimum requirement for most organizations, and it is also critical to long-term success.

Talentism Heightens the Significance of Outsourcing

  • 14 May 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Workers are boldly determining where and when they want to work rather than simply grabbing the first opportunity they find.

Architecting Workforce Strategy

  • 23 April 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Success in today's hyper-competitive global economy requires a clear vision of where a company wants to go, the strategy to take it there and the value it delivers.

Investing in Leadership Development

  • 09 April 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
To ensure growth and competitiveness, it is necessary for companies to make investments in leadership talent. The positive economic momentum currently under way runs the risk of being impeded or dislodged by a lack of talent.

Drive Organizational Effectiveness by Building Trust

  • 20 March 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
A growing body of evidence is emerging to show that levels of employee engagement have reached crisis lows in many organizations.

The Impact of Change on Workforce Productivity and Engagement

  • 12 March 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Talk to your employees about their careers, present them with development opportunities and position them to succeed.

Enhancing Workforce Performance

  • 19 February 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Talk to your employees about their careers, present them with development opportunities and position them to succeed.

Leadership in the Human Age

  • 23 January 13
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
A new era is upon us Ч the Human Age. It will be the human potential that will be the catalyst for change and the global driving force behind economic, political and social developments. Talentism is the new Capitalism.

Recommendations for Approving Outsourcing Strategies

  • 19 December 12
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
The last four years have underscored the need for companies to be more agile. The collapse of seemingly recession-proof industries ushered in a new, more volatile business environment and consequent caution.

New Models for Unlocking Human Potential

  • 14 December 12
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
Despite high unemployment, employers globally face an impending challenge to find the right talent. One in three employers globally struggle to find employees with skills to meet their needs, and this talent mismatch is escalating. So while employers worldwide are trying to hire, they simply can't find the right candidates.

The Youth Employment Challenge

  • 14 November 12
  • ManpowerGroup Russia & CIS
As a series of demographic and economic shifts intensely converge, creating what ManpowerGroup identified the "Human Age," a range of population groups are being alienated from work opportunities in the global economy. Young workers are most affected and have been labeled a lost generation of workers.