Articles by John Hammond

The Future of Russian IPOs: Looking Beyond London

  • 22 May 12
  • CMS, Russia
Facebook has successfully completed the biggest tech IPO in history, raising $16 billion and making billionaires of its founders and early investors and millionaires of many of its employees. And miraculously, this was achieved in a market that is quickly heading south, as fears and emotions escalate against the backdrop of a possible Grexit from the Euro and who knows what else.

M&A Sector Prospects

  • 24 May 11
  • CMS, Russia
With summer at last in full swing in Moscow after one of the longest, coldest winters in many years, can we also look forward to brighter prospects in the M&A world? The financial crisis froze the M&A market worldwide with deal numbers and values plummeting like the thermometer at the end of a Russian fall. But recent data suggests a recovery is now in full swing in all major markets, including Russia.

The Financial Crisis: a Threat to International Law Firms in Moscow?

  • 18 December 08
  • CMS in Russia
The dramatic events of the past few weeks have shaken the international financial community to its very foundations.