Articles by Yevgeny Gontmakher

Getting Ready for Life After Putin

There was a brief period during the tenure of former President Dmitry Medvedev when Russians like myself began to hope that the country would finally become a part of Europe. Now I feel nothing but fear.

Medvedev Should Become Russia's Lee Kuan Yew

Russia is once again falling into the "modernization trap." None of the previous modernization drives empowered property owners or civil society with the power needed to make the process self-sustaining and irreversible.

Ideology Minister Surkov

I likened Kremlin first deputy chief of staff Vladislav Surkov to Mikhail Suslov, the Soviet Union's chief Communist Party ideologist during the 1970s, in my comment published in Vedomosti and The Moscow Times in March.

The Kremlin's Propaganda Ministry

Which event in Soviet history marked the beginning of the end for communism?

When Writing About the Crisis Is Extremism

The shelf life of most newspaper articles is usually one or two days, which is why I am so surprised by the continuing debate over my article "Novocherkassk-2009," published in Vedomosti on Nov. 6, after which the editors received a letter from the Federal Mass Media Inspection Service that said my article "could be considered an attempt to incite extremist activities."