Articles by Finn Cohen

Editors Take Stage at Afisha Summer Picnic

The annual Afisha Picnic, sponsored by the popular biweekly arts magazine Afisha, is set to take place Saturday at Kolomenskoye from noon to 10 p.m. The festival will host 47 artists from Russia, England and the United States on six different stages.

Stones, James Brown and Blur in Music Doc Fest

The Beat Film Festival, which opened on Thursday night with the Russian premiere of the new Rolling Stones documentary УStones in Exile,Ф runs all weekend and spills over into next week, ending on Tuesday, June 8.

Sketching the Sounds of the City in Bass and Beat

Vladivostok-born Alexander Kholenko weaves the sounds of Moscow into terse, bass-heavy beat sketches under the moniker DZA.

Two Moscow Gigs for Two Dark Jazz Ensembles

Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble bring their brooding mixture of hissing electronics and smoky barroom piano to Moscow's Dom on Feb. 13.

McLaren Wades Into Shallow Modern Life

On Thursday the former Sex Pistols manager will invite Moscow to explore his latest exploration of high and low culture.

Glass Candy, Desire Headline Solyanka

This Friday, Glass Candy, Desire and DJ Mike Simonetti, who owns the label with Jewel, will see if Solyanka can rise to the challenge of who can actually Уdo it betterФ Ч Italian-Americans or Russians. At least Jewel can say heТs prepared.

M83 Takes Moscow Back to '83

The French group brings its '80s-infused pop to Ikra this Friday.

MIGZ Fly Over Moscow, Drop Electronic Art

The second MIGZ Festival will hit Moscow at 1 p.m. on Friday at 35MM cinema and will spread throughout the city's most popular nightspots until (at least) 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

Ghostface Killah aka Dennis Rides Into Town

Once part of the hip-hop crew Wu-Tang Clan, rapper Ghostface Killah makes his Russian debut at Arma 09 this Thursday.

Eclectic Hip-Hop Crew Themselves Head Over

Musicologists can easily put the various branches of American hip-hop’s family tree into a volume of categories: geography (East Coast, West Coast, “Dirty South”); fashion aesthetics (backpackers, bling, gangsta rap); and production values (slick Miami gloss, crunchy glitch-hop, old-school).

Vaz Rolls Into Moscow, Albeit One Man Short

This weekend, Vaz is coming to Moscow, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Boris Alyoshin and his Russian auto company’s overdue debt.

Deerhoof, 2 Dollars Gat and 24 More at Festival

Patrick Wolf and Lou Rhodes are among the other foreign acts that will join Russia's finest to play the marathon two-day festival.

British DJs to Save Lives at Solyanka

In ""Last Night A DJ Saved My Life,"" a 100-year history of the art of the DJ, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton argue that mixing records, matching beats and keeping a crowd moving is an art in its own right.

Popnoname Shows Sweet Side at Shanti

Listening to electronic artist Popnoname is like eating candy — immediately sweet, difficult to stop doing and sometimes a guilty pleasure.

Ifergan Examines American Nights With L.A. Photos

A city at night is one of the most romanticized subjects for artists to explore, if nothing else because of the possibilities for visual abstraction that comes from streetlights, full moons and muted colors.

CASA's Debut Party at Arma '09 on Saturday

""Casa"" means ""house"" in Italian and Spanish, but this weekend in Moscow it also means ""huge party.""

Swedish Duo Brings Summer to Solyanka

It's fitting that a week after Maslenitsa, which marks the beginning of spring, Moscow is treated to the appearance of Sweden's Air France.

MC Syava Debuts in Moscow

It's not about the bling or the babes for Syava, or at least that's what he'd have you think.

Bodryachkom! Opa! Perm MC Syava Makes It to Moscow

It's not about the bling or the babes for Syava, or at least that's what he'd have you think.

Music Festival Promises No Pressure to Conform

Many bands get dubbed experimental, but how many are really willing to take risks?

The Simachyov Show Goes On Despite Crisis

With champagne flowing, a fleet of 25 disco balls and flesh-colored pantsuits, the scene at Denis SimachyovТs Fall/Winter 2009-10 collection Moscow opening almost threatened to overshadow the clothing itself on Saturday night. Almost.

Ruble to Give Good Value, Rock at Moscow Debut

Dismayed at the growing mainstream popularity of Leningrad, Sergei Shnurov has downsized to form his new rock band Ruble.

Frozen Water as High Art at Ice Sculpture Gallery

Ice sculpture as a genre is often limited to the unfortunate wedding-party banalities of hearts and snowflakes, while massive Chinese dragons and obscure mythical scenes far more rarely take form under the chain saw or chisel.

Revolutionary Pelevin Story Reworked for Stage

In one Viktor Pelevin story, a Moscow bathroom attendant questions the meaning of life and accidentally summons a river of feces that drowns the city.