Articles by Glenn Kolleeny

B2B: Should Foreign Investors Need Permits for Real Estate Transactions?

  • 24 December 13
  • Dentons
Russia's Ministry of Economic Development, or the MED, is proposing a permit requirement for foreign individuals, non-Russian companies and Russian companies that are owned by more than 50% by non-Russians ("foreign investors") for real estate transactions.

The Law on Amendments to the Civil Code: Much Ado About Nothing?

  • 25 December 12
  • Salans
On Dec. 14, 2012, the Russian Duma adopted the Law on Amendments to the Civil Code in the second reading. For roughly a year now, the Russian legal community has been abuzz with discussion of the draft new Civil Code amending all four parts of the current Civil Code.

Further Liberalization of Russian Law on Foreign Investment in Strategic Companies

  • 17 December 12
  • Salans
In November 2012 Russian government officials made a number of important statements suggesting that Russian state authorities may be serious about improving the country's international ratings of business environment and moving up in the ease of doing business index.

Russian IPOs in 2012 and Beyond

  • 03 April 12
  • Salans
In 2011, with decreases in IPO activity internationally, only 11 Russian companies completed IPOs outside of Russia, significantly less than the 50 or more predicted by some commentators. In 2012, only RusPetro has completed an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Infrastructure Bonds: A New Panacea?

  • 08 September 09
  • Salans
Russia’s infrastructure problems are legendary.

Foreign Investment in Russia's Strategic and Defense Sectors

  • 29 September 08
  • and Randy Bregman, Partner, Salans New York
Russia, as a sovereign state, has the right and even the duty to protect its strategic assets and safeguard its national defense and security.