Articles by Tom Thomson

Putin's Shareholder Revolt

In October, I argued in a Moscow Times comment that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has evolved from a tough-talking politician to a corporate executive looking to increase Russia's economic productivity, attract investors and build brand equity. Since then, an unprecedented number of citizens, many of whom have benefited from Russia's dynamic market economy, have participated in mass street demonstrations in Moscow and other cities.

Going From KGB to CEO

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will not likely lead Russia into a period of Brezhnev stagnation. He is focused on capital investments, research and development, managing competitive threats from abroad and increasing the country's bottom line. Putin is acting like the incoming CEO of Russia Inc.

5 Tough Years Could Be Best Crisis Therapy

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said the unthinkable when told the Financial Times two weeks ago, ""The longer we have low commodity prices, the sooner we will have a new model of our economy. ... It's better if we have two, three, five years as a difficult period.""

Separating U.S. Rhetoric From Reality

After U.S. elections, the new president's tough rhetoric on Russia will most likely be exchanged for pragmatism to manage the common political and economic interests that bind the two countries together.