Articles by Andrey Ostroukh

Drought to Put a Brake on Ruble's Rise

  • 30 August 10
  • Reuters
Russia's severe drought and stumbling oil prices look set to cap the ruble's appreciation this year, as they put pressure on the country's revenues and current account surplus.

Weakening Ruble Loses 7% in a Week

  • 19 January 09
  • Reuters
The currency falls to 37.32 versus a euro-dollar basket after it is devalued for the 17th time since November.

Central Bank Drops $4Bln to Prop Ruble

  • 05 September 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank stepped into the market and sold up to $4 billion on Thursday to brake the rubleТs fall, while shares went into free-fall despite a much-awaited shareholder peace deal on oil company TNK-BP.