Articles by Chris Patten

EuropeТs Vision-Free Leadership

Russia has probably been the EUТs greatest foreign policy failure. The new EU leadership has to be more firm in dealing with Russia.

No Need to Get Grumpy

The United States moved from an era when civil rights workers were killed to electing a black president. Nothing to get grumpy about.

MaoТs China at 60

Whatever MaoТs terrible failings, there was a sense of common purpose and solidarity during his years of absolute power.

The U.S. Leader the World Needs

Around the world, the U.S. presidential election campaign has attracted as much attention as domestic political controversies in each of our own countries. The interest the world has taken in the U.S. vote is the best example of the United States' soft power and a lesson in democracy from the world's only superpower. If only we could all vote as well as watch and listen, because the outcome is vital for everyone around the world.

Putin's Gold Medal War

What does the ""Olympics War,"" otherwise known as Russia's invasion of Georgia, really mean? The war itself, of course, was predicable and predicted. Its results are equally clear.