Articles by Anna Yukhananov

Shooting Young Moscow's Raw and Trendy Denizens

There are two young men on the expanse of white canvas. One wears sunglasses and a Ramones T-shirt, the other a sleeveless shirt, boxing hand wraps, and a Vans baseball cap. With their confident slouch, they are the epitome of cool, sporting the gestures, brands and attitudes of international youth culture.

'Historical Insinuations' With a Detached Gaze

A bald Soviet army soldier with bushy eyebrows holds a rosebud to his lip, half-smiling. He looks to the side, and you can imagine that in the next moment he will start dancing the tango.

Harried Dudley Leaves the Country

ТNK-BP's embattled chief executive, Robert Dudley, temporarily left the country Thursday after facing bureaucratic hurdles renewing his work visa but vowed to continue running the company from abroad.

Court Bars BP Workers at TNK-BP

BP plans to appeal the ruling, though it has said it will reassign its last foreign employees from TNK-BP.

Dudley Told He Can Work for Now

The Federal Migration Service and TNK-BP CEO Robert Dudley on Monday agreed that he could continue working while he sorts through disagreements over the company’s leadership and strategy with its billionaire shareholders.

Dudley Warns Fight Tearing TNK-BP Apart

The company’s chief executive rejects a lawsuit against him from a group of Russians and vows to continue working.

Bill to Let Ferry Tourists Spend 3 Days in St. Pete

Businesses and officials in St. Petersburg, Russia's most popular tourist destination, are lining up behind a proposed law that would allow ferry passengers to spend up to three days in the city without a visa.

Step Made to Replace State Board Members

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov on Friday presented President Dmitry Medvedev with a list of independent directors to replace state officials on the boards of 11 fully state-owned companies, following through on a campaign pledge made by Medvedev earlier this year.

Price for Central Asian Gas to Double

From next year, Gazprom will buy its gas from Central Asia at double today's rates, following the trend of high prices in Europe, CEO Alexei Miller said in a televised meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.