Articles by Andrey Goltsblat

Legal Highlights: The Changing Face of Russian M&A: New Global Realities

  • 19 June 13
  • Goltsblat BLP
Ahead of the 2013 St. Petersburg Economic Forum, we have launched our latest book "A Case Study Guide to M&A Transactions in Russia."

Can Russian Depositors Get Their Money Out of the Cyprus Banking System?

  • 02 April 13
  • Goltsblat BLP
Russia does have certain grounds for demanding that Cyprus refrain from seizing or converting part of the deposits of Russian citizens in Cyprus banks.

Russia Goes Global: UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Israel

  • 26 March 13
  • BLP/Goltsblat BLP
The UAE is by far the leading destination for foreign direct investment into the region, with a strong flow of outbound capital also playing a major development role.

Russia Goes Global Ч Southeast Asia

  • 30 January 13
  • Goltsblat BLP
The attractions of Southeast Asia are the rapidly growing economies of the region, which have posted strong economic growth as the major developed economies have remained mired in debt and weak demand following the global financial crisis of 2008.

Russia Goes Global Ц China and Hong Kong

  • 21 December 12
  • Goltsblat BLP
Hong Kong is conveniently located on China's doorstep and provides a well-supported bridge between China and the rest of the world.

Investment Risks in Russia

  • 19 September 12
  • Goltsblat BLP
International investors looking to move into the Russian market will invariably find themselves choosing between direct investment, and looking at Greenfield or Brownfield investment, or selecting a Russian partner, either as a joint venture partner, or as an acquisition target.

WTO Will Help Russia Become a Global Leader

With the opportunities and security that WTO membership brings, Russia can cement its position as a leading global economic power.

Business, Corruption and Russia

  • 14 March 12
  • Goltsblat BLP
Corruption is invariably associated with Russia's business environment. But although it remains a major problem, corruption in Russia is being tackled and the business environment is improving. Businesses in Russia can mitigate their risks through simple steps and by being alert. Below are some questions that often arise.

The Legal Factor in the Investment Climate

Never before has the production sector of Russia's economy seen such high investment growth as nowadays. In particular, foreign direct investment totaled, according to the Russian government, $47 billion in 2007, meaning a growth of more than 20 percent against 2006.