Articles by Edward Lozansky

What Ever Happened to U.S. Democracy-Building in Ukraine?

Ukraine has suffered a complete collapse of civil order and seems to be heading toward full-scale civil war. Kiev's use of its military forces and ultra-right nationalist gangs to unleash the assault on the positions in eastern Ukraine held by protesters leave no doubt that the worst is yet to come.

7 Reasons Obama Should Forget About Crimea

U.S. President Barack Obama is under enormous pressure from political opponents, the media and pundits to push back forcefully against President Vladimir Putin.

U.S. Take Note: Russia Is Back as a Global Power

Russia's Crimean policy is the logical reaction of a strong Russia that can counter the U.S.

A Way Out of the Ukrainian Crisis

The chances of quickly and painlessly resolving the Ukrainian crisis are slim.

Don't Rain on Putin's Olympic Parade

The opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will take place in Sochi on Friday. Regrettably, as soon as this venue was selected by the Olympic Committee in July 2007 in Guatemala, the Western media unleashed a vicious, often hypocritical and extremely biased campaign against Sochi and Russia in general.

Putin Saved Ukraine From EU Catastrophe

There is hardly any serious political observer who would not agree that a couple of months ago President Vladimir Putin saved the U.S. from yet another disastrous military adventure in Syria.

Syria Can Help Reset Relations

Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly last week, U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his belief in the U.S.'s "exceptional" place on the world stage but warned that if the U.S. turned away from its global responsibilities, this "would create a vacuum of leadership [that] no other nation is ready to fill."

U.S. Great Game Against Russia Continues

Since the Soviet collapse, every U.S. administration has instituted a disastrous and flawed anti-Russian foreign policy.

Anti-Russia Policy Won't Fly

Despite all of the problems in the U.S., you would think that Russia is only thing bothering the U.S., judging from lawmakers' statements.

Don't Fear a Eurasian Union

When the U.S. withdraws its troops from Afghanistan in 2014, shouldn't the U.S. work with the Eurasian Union to help defend the region?

House Overly Selective With Magnitsky Act

The recent passage of the Magnitsky Act in the U.S. House of Representatives has been widely hailed as an important advance of the cause of human rights and democracy worldwide.

Saving the Reset From Attack

Although it is still a year to the U.S. presidential election, the fight for the White House is in full swing. In this fight, anything goes, and the Republicans are determined to take away every chance of President Barack Obama winning.

New Beef on Jackson-Vanik: It's Illegal

It is like a broken record. Each time a U.S. dignitary comes to Moscow, he promises Russian officials that the Jackson-Vanik amendment will be repealed soon.

Moscow’s New Afghanistan

Unemployment, corruption, criminal standoffs and the supply of weapons from abroad are contributing to the "Afghanization" of the North Caucasus, where the situation is rapidly reaching a boiling point.

Obama's Change Must Start With His Advisers

Twelve days before the U.S. presidential election, all indicators are pointing to a victory by Senator Barack Obama. There is always a chance for last-minute surprises, but miracles are rare things. I think the main reason for Senator John McCain's likely defeat is that too many influential groups within his own Republican Party never regarded him as the best choice available.

McCain Is Alone on Russia

The three presumed U.S. presidential candidates rarely mention Russia. When they do, their remarks are critical -- possibly because they are hoping to attract a few more votes from the numerous and well-organized ethnic communities from Ukraine, the Baltics and East Europe.