Articles by John Rose

Why Social Networking Will Knock Your Business on Its Head

  • 25 August 09
  • Rose Marketing Ltd.
Modern marketers understand that a successful brand is more than a product or trademark.

Reward Promotions Drive Sales and Protect Brands in a Recession

  • 10 March 09
  • Founder, CEO, Rose Creative Strategies
It is painfully obvious that during economic downturns spending patterns can shift dramatically. Consumers generally eat at restaurants less often, make fewer shopping trips, buy less expensive brands and defer big-ticket purchases.

Recessionary Marketing

The looming crisis in Russia will cause many marketers to re-evaluate budgets, strategies and relationships. Although there may be many challenges ahead for companies as they face the prospect of slower growth and pressure on margins, there is a silver lining in that black cloud.

How to Sell the Future to Investors: The Role of Investor Relations Before, During and After the IPO

Investor relations should ideally begin years before a company registers to float its shares on a stock exchange. Unfortunately, companies often make little to no investment in investor relations until just before or even after the IPO -- sometimes ignoring shareholders, hiding from bankers and spending as little time as possible with fund managers and institutional investors.