Articles by Mac Broderick

Windfall From Iranian Fray

Russia has an immense amount of money to make if the tension regarding Iran continues and a substantial amount to lose if a rapprochement occurs.

Detroit of the North

Another week passes and another automotive company has set up shop in St. Petersburg. Last week, Hyundai finalized a December agreement to build a plant in the city. The buzz created by General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner dubbing St. Petersburg the ""Detroit of the North"" has yet to subside here, almost two years later. The city, now home to Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Nissan, in addition to the Korean newcomer, now brims with optimism over the economic possibilities of its new role as an automotive center, and rightly so. But if the city wants to maximize its growth and truly become a global center of the automotive industry, it should heed Detroit's lessons, both in growth and decline.